Why is there a daub? The reasons for the daub

The reasons for the daubIn her life, almost every woman encounters such an unpleasant problem as brown spotting spotting. What is the cause of the smear? When can it appear? What are the reasons for the smear? Is it worth it to be afraid and what to do?

Let’s try to figure it out.

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The reasons for the daubThe appearance of brown spotting most often should not cause a woman to worry.

Typically, this smear discharge is the result of aging of intrauterine tissues… This is due to the fact that, for some reason, during your last menstrual cycle, the regulations did not pass on time and, as a result of this failure, the intrauterine tissues grew old and began to come out, having a brown color.

However, with repetitive discharge, nevertheless, pay attention to the unusual color and go to the gynecologist for consultation… In some cases, daub can be a symptom of a dangerous disease.

Why can there be daub instead of menstruation?

The reasons for the daubFor women, it is considered acceptable that during menstruation certain types of discharge appear from the vagina, however, it is necessary to distinguish between completely positive discharge from signs indicating a certain disease. Normal secretions from the female body include small transparent clots that are secreted with menstrual blood and do not cause inconvenience.
However, the presence of brown discharge during the menstrual cycle… In this case, it is imperative visit a gynecologist for check.

Endometritis may be the cause of the daub. In this condition, brown discharge may appear at the very beginning and at the end of menstruation. Their appearance is also possible, accompanied by a pulling pain in the lower abdomen and a sharp, unpleasant odor in the middle of the cycle.

Also a very common cause of brown discharge can be polyp in a woman’s uterus, which is formed as a result of hormonal abnormalities in the body.

The true reasons for smearing before menstruation

The reasons for the daubEvery woman attentive to her health will pay attention to the appearance of brown vaginal discharge before the monthly cycle. It is a common truth that daub is not the norm. A few days before menstruation or immediately before them, the appearance of a daub confuses female representatives. What’s this? Features of the body or a certain disease makes itself felt?
Only examination by a gynecologist after laboratory and instrumental examinations.
The main factorsthat can cause premenstrual brown discharge are:

  • contraception… The hype that occurs while taking oral contraceptives (jess, yarina, etc.) is a consequence of a change in hormonal levels and the adaptation of a woman’s body to these changes. In about 30-40 percent of women, brown discharge disappears in the first 3 months from the start of taking contraceptives, and in 5-10 percent of women who protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy in this way, the adaptation of the body can last up to six months. Due to the use of hormonal contraceptives, bloody discharge can occur not only before the regulations, but also after them and in the middle of the menstrual cycle.
  • daub before regulations may be an undesirable consequence when using an intrauterine device as a contraception;
  • a disease such as endometriosis, is one of the most common causes of brown discharge;
  • a variant of the cause of the appearance of bloody premenstrual discharge may be benign neoplasm in the uterus – endometrial polyp… In addition to daub, signs of the appearance of a polyp in the uterine cavity include pain in the small pelvis, having a cramping character, and menstrual irregularities.

Possible and other factors the appearance of premenstrual discharge and to prevent the sad consequences in some cases can only be timely medical intervention.

Menstruation has passed, daub has begun – what could it be?

The reasons for the daubBrown discharge in the last days of menstruation is normal if menstruation lasts a total no more than 7 days… If the “daub” is longer, then it is quite possible that the reasons for this are some very unpleasant and dangerous diseases, such as endometritis, endometriosis, or endometrial hyperplasia… In healthy women, such discharge after regulation may occur due to taking oral hormonal contraceptives
Another physiological cause of discharge after menstruation can be implantation into the uterine wall of the embryo, about a week or ten days after ovulation.
However, in this case, a definite diagnosis can be made only after attending a gynecological consultation

What causes the daub in the middle of the cycle?

The reasons for the daubSlight brown discharge that may occur 3-7 days after your period is quite common. The appearance of a daub in this case signals that your the egg is ready for fertilization

If the intensity of the discharge increases and their duration is more than three days, you need to waste no time visit a gynecologist… A in case of severe bleeding – immediately call an ambulance

Why is there spotting in early pregnancy?

The reasons for the daubIn the early stages of pregnancy, there may be spotting, which is very frightening for expectant mothers. It happens that they appear on days when the regulations should have come.

If the discharge is not painful and short-lived, then there is nothing to be afraid of. Also not dangerous for the woman and the fetus are not abundant and short-term discharge, which are associated with attachment of the ovum to the wall of the uterus… That is, if more than one week has passed since fertilization.

However, in any case, it is worth telling your doctor about the appearance of brown and any other discharge, he will be able to determine the nature and cause of the discharge.

If right now you do not have a real opportunity to visit the gynecological office, tell the doctor at least by phone about your condition.

Could there be a daub when taking morning or dyufaston?

The reasons for the daubIn the early stages of pregnancy, future ones may be disturbed by spotting. If the term of conception is no more than 7-10 days, then this may be the adaptation of the organism to a new state, which was discussed earlier.

However, the daub may be a sign of an incipient miscarriage or decrease in hormonal levels at the beginning of pregnancy. Do not be lazy, seek help from the antenatal clinic.

After conducting the necessary examination, specialists may recommend taking drugs duphaston or morning prophylactic agent for maintaining pregnancy

While taking these drugs, small brown spotting occurs, which should soon stop. Otherwise, you should again see a doctor

Is it okay to get dirty after sex?

The reasons for the daubAfter intercourse, a woman may experience slight bleeding. The reasons for the appearance of such spotting discharge or minor bleeding can be various factors: mechanical damage or microtrauma during sex; various types of erosion and polyps; inflammatory diseases such as vaginitis, cystitis, cervicitis; sexually transmitted diseases; as well as various diseases that are not associated with the sexual intercourse itself.

In addition, after sex, spotting may appear due to the presence of a small amount of blood in the partner’s semen
The reasons for the daub

The reasons and factors that can lead to the appearance of brown vaginal discharge are mass and, unfortunately, not all of them are physiological norms.

Therefore, dear women, in order to protect your health and avoid the negative consequences of such discharge, do not hesitate see your gynecologist

Only a specialist, after carrying out the necessary examinations, based on the test results, will be able to supply you diagnosis and exact cause the appearance of this unpleasant phenomenon.

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