Why men are jealous of women – the real reasons for male jealousy

The question of male jealousy is relevant for all women. The only difference is that some husbands categorically do not want to be jealous of anyone, while others are jealous even of a beardless salesman who smiled “somehow strangely”. The first women believe that since they are not jealous, it means that they are not loved as deeply as they should. And they are even actively looking for advice on how to make a man jealous. The latter do not know where to go from this jealousy, and openly envy the former. Husband – pathological jealous – revelations of jealous wives.

Why men are jealous of women – the psychologists of the COLADY magazine answer.

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The husband is a pathological jealous person. Revelations of Jealous Wives

How happy are those women who are not familiar with male jealousy! Jealousy is not even proof of love at all, as many mistakenly believe. Only in the candy-bouquet period does this feeling look “cute and funny”. When a jealous man becomes the “rightful owner” of his chosen one, the “green monster” from a cute creature turns into a real nightmare for both partners.

In most “severe, clinical” cases, it looks like this:

  • All the girlfriends who were considered a natural part of your life became bitches.who “change their khahali along with bed linen, grind like firemen and pray to a bank account. Could there be anything in common between you and these missing women? No meetings! “
  • All the men who walk past you on the street don’t look that way, don’t smile that way., and the one over there, the parasite, even winked. Of course, you are to blame. “Not only do you have half of the city of“ former males ”, you also put on this skirt again. Urgently put on pants and a sweater with a blind collar! And shoes without heels. ” Stockings and stilettos – only at home, for him, the only one.
  • “In the queue, you say, was you? For my favorite cookies? And the phone there, of course, did not catch! And you walked forty minutes from the store to the house, because you chatted with a neighbor! Look in the eyes! ” Explaining and making excuses is useless. Jealousy obscures the eyes and clouds the mind.
  • Put photos of yourself in a swimsuit on public display on a social network? To be stared at by other people’s men? And then comments, personal and acquaintances? Remove immediately! “
  • Who liked you here? And who did you add as a friend? “
  • If you do not get through within 20-40 minutes, it is a disaster. It will be almost impossible to prove that you were in touch with your mom or girlfriend. Well, and your phone cannot be discharged at all. And you should even carry it with you to the bathroom and toilet.
  • We are not even talking about joint projects with male colleagues.
  • “Corporate party? And don’t you dare think! “
  • And just try to say that you really like the actor in the film. – a scandal cannot be avoided.

Why is this happening? Why does a man turn his life together into hell, not leaving his beloved woman for a minute and not even disdaining hidden cameras and voice recorders?

The reasons for male jealousy – find out why your husband is jealous!

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According to experts, this “green monster” is a complex psychological complex that has many sources. There are many reasons. From aggressive temperament to genetic factors. So, what are the causes of male jealousy?

  • Mental disorder.
  • Fear of loneliness.
  • A kind of background for sexual satisfaction.
  • Psychological trauma in childhood.
  • A banal sense of ownership – “mine, that’s all!”
  • Low self-esteem – self-doubt, a suitcase of complexes.
  • Fear of losing your woman.
  • Having too much free time.
  • Hobbies (surveillance, playing “detectives”).
  • Too rich imagination and sick fantasy.
  • A woman really gives rise to jealousy. By the way, this is a very common reason. In pursuit of attention from the stronger sex (and a woman always wants attention, even if she is married), many forget how unpleasant it can be for her husband. Read: What You Shouldn’t Really Tell A Man.
  • Proof of love. There is also such love. Which has blurred the line between jealousy and adoration.

How to deal with a man’s jealousy, his bouts of unreasonable jealousy

Why men are jealous of women - the psychologist answers
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  1. Just have a heart-to-heart talk… Explain that his jealousy can lead to the end of the relationship. But to talk correctly – as with your beloved man, and not with the one to whom you “gave the best years of your life.”
  2. Ignore any signs of jealousy. If possible.
  3. Endure. Wait until your partner is ill with jealousy, realizes that you are not going anywhere, and calm down. It is possible that he will calm down only when the grandchildren appear, but if he has not yet put hidden cameras in your bedroom, then it is worth a try.
  4. Give no reason… Dress more modestly, do not flirt with men, do not put on makeup before work as if you are going to the podium now.
  5. Knock out a wedge with a wedge… Shoot from the same “weapon” – torture him with jealousy so that he howls and can look at himself from the side.
  6. Write a letter. If the conversation does not work out, then take a sheet of paper and splash everything that has boiled in your soul on this sheet. And put it in his pocket. Let him read and think. If he ignores your mental rushes, grins and continues in the same spirit, then perhaps it’s time to think about the meaning of such a relationship.
  7. Look at yourself from the side – and is this jealousy really bothering you? Is he really afraid of losing you?

Of course, jealous people (and their women) cannot be envied. This feeling brings unhappiness to both partners, who are forced to live in constant anxiety. The atmosphere of misunderstanding, suspicion and mistrust is not good for family relationships. Usually, such a relationship is doomed to parting

Sociologist’s comment

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Male jealousy never arises without a reason. In most cases, a strong nervous attack in a man against a woman occurs if they have an early sexual intercourse. That is, jealousy is one of the basic side effects of a poorly built relationship.

Subconsciously, a man understands that if his woman got to him easily, just as easily she can get to another. Accordingly, he will always feel tension next to her, and when she is not there – even more so. By the way, the opposite effect is also observed. If the relationship in a couple was built correctly, in compliance with the principle of gradualness, and sexual relations in a couple began no earlier than six months (approximately!) Of courtship, the likelihood that a man will be very jealous of a woman is minimal.

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