will your new year wish come true

Every time we approach the next New Year, we usually set goals for ourselves that we want to achieve and make wishes. At such moments, we ask for help from the Universe, the stars or Higher powers, and we hope that they will support us on the next stage of our path.

In this test, you need to choose the Christmas ball that you liked the most. Your choice will tell you how real your New Year’s wish is.

Test: choose a Christmas ball and find out if your New Year's wish will come true
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Test: choose a Christmas ball and find out if your New Year's wish will come true

Ball 1

You are a persistent and purposeful person. You know that life isn’t always easy and that things often don’t go as you expect, but you still don’t give up. If you have a dream or goal, don’t let anything or anyone make you give up on it. You do everything in your power, and do not lose optimism and enthusiasm, so your wish will definitely come true. Show that by your actions you deserve success and happiness, and the Universe will hear you.

Ball 2

You have important plans for the coming year, and you know that if you really want to realize them, you need to step out of your comfort zone a little and show that you are ready for change and transformation. It is possible that your request will be fulfilled, and you will have an amazing year, but for that you need to start working right now and act in accordance with the reality in which you want to live. The fulfillment of your desire is only and only in your hands, and not in the hands of another person, and not even in the hands of the Universe itself.

Ball 3

Slow down for a moment and think: are you really moving towards what you supposedly desire? The universe is not a fairy godmother who fulfills your cherished desires. The universe works differently. Everything that we attract to ourselves is a consequence of what we do. Therefore, if you want your request to be fulfilled, you must proceed accordingly. At the moment you are not acting, only asking, but this is easy to fix. Change your behaviors and your reality will change too.

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