wise advice from the Higher powers on how to become happier

If you want to learn to love, you should love yourself first, although we often forget about this. This is the only way you will be able to build healthy relationships, because it is completely impossible to offer another person what you yourself lack.

These cards bring you a personal message from the Higher powers, which contains wise advice on how to become happier right now.

Take a deep breath and gaze calmly at the images. Which of the three cards attracts you the most? It is behind her that your positive message is hidden.

Test: you received a personal message from the Higher Forces, which contains wise advice

Test: you received a personal message from the Higher Forces, which contains wise advice

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Think about how you feel when you smile. Note that at this point, you are not worried about things that have already become commonplace, such as stress, lack of time, or even pain. Smiling and laughing always cure any ailment. Learn to smile not only with your lips, but also with your eyes. Smile to convey your positivity to everyone around you. It’s amazing how such a small and seemingly insignificant action can affect your energy so powerfully. Try to smile more often in your daily life.

Higher powers through this card advise you to bring light to the world around you. You can even write the word “Smile!” on a sticker and stick it on your workplace. Alternatively, stick a smiley face on the fridge and imagine your food choices might change too. Try to smile when you go to work, take your kids to school, or shop. Bring laughter and smiles to the people around you to improve your mood and boost your energy levels.

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Even if you do not see your Guardian Angel, he always holds your hand. Even if you don’t listen to your inner voice, it still tries to reach out to you. The angel is always by your side, he protects you and is ready to help you at any time. Remember that you still have a lot to go through, as well as realize your goals and dreams. Everything has its time and its own time! If you are concerned about a situation in your life, contact the Guardian Angel and ask for his guidance.

This card also reassures you that everything that happens in your life helps you grow spiritually and makes you stronger. Most likely, you have had an unpleasant experience in your life, you have been burned many times and are now always on your guard. You should learn to meditate and listen to your heart, drive out your inner fears and try to connect with your “higher self” in order to feel lightness, joy and calmness.

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You are much stronger than you think. Your Guardian Angel guides you to work with your inner potential and not be afraid of temporary difficulties and obstacles. All of them are within your reach. When you realize your strengths, amazing innovative ideas will begin to come to you, and you will realize that your abilities have no boundaries.

And when you get rid of fears and feelings of insecurity and insecurity, the Universe will begin to give you amazing gifts. This means you can free yourself from trauma, toxic addiction, unnecessary relationships, and any other situation that drains your life energy. It starts with the understanding that everything that happened in the past has power over you only to the extent that you yourself allow it. The card calls to let go of the past, open a bright future and ask for more strength in the present moment. Expect things to become easier, freer, and more joyful in your life soon.

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