Wise Sadhguru Quotes on Teaching Children

Sadhguru never allowed school frames or traditional teaching to get in the way of his educational process. He focuses on inspiration and motivation, rather than theorizing and instructing. This is not about accumulating information, but about improving perception. Here are a few quotes on this subject shared by the sage Sadhguru.

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Why education is important

  • Our vision for education must go beyond making cogs to power the economy.
  • Education should be not only a tool for survival, but also for improving perception. Children should develop, flourish and grow into progressive and outstanding people.
  • The essence of education is that the child grows up without unnecessary “intellectual burden”. A child’s mind should not be tied to a particular culture, religion, ideology or prejudice, and then he will become a truly outstanding person.
  • Teaching should not be a profession – it should be a vocation and a love. Only then can education move from the imposition of facts to the exploration of truth.
  • Education should be aimed not at raising children the way you want and consider it right, but at maintaining their natural, innate desire for knowledge.
  • Education is the development of a person, it is the stimulation of opportunities and the identification of his maximum possible potential. This is a tool for realizing the immensity and limitlessness of Being.
  • The essence of education is not to load the child’s head with information, but to make him capable of perceiving knowledge, in order to learn about life in all its depth and scale.
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Education Quotes for Students

  • From the day you were born, everyone will try to tell you and teach you about things that have not worked in his or her life personally.
  • The doors are not opened by qualifications, but by competence and knowledge.
  • Education does not mean obtaining a certificate or diploma. This means self-improvement.
  • Education should be aimed at broadening your horizons, at a broader and more comprehensive vision of life.
  • The main emphasis in education should be directed not at the dosage and selectivity of information, but at stimulating the thirst for knowledge.
  • Education needs inspiration, not just information. Only motivated and inspired people can change their life and the life around them.
  • Modern education is purely informative – it lacks inspiration. And without inspiration, no person can overcome the limitations within which he exists.

Reviews of scientists and educators about Sadhguru

Sir Ken Robinson, educator and author of books, after speaking with Sadhguru: “If you understand and realize what your children do best; if you do what Sadhguru suggests; if you organize an environment that is aimed at spiritual and physical development, and which recognizes that human life is not linear, but organic, then you will create such ideal conditions in which people will actively develop and prosper. “

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Professor Gregoire Borst, specialist in developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience at the University of Paris, after speaking with Sadhguru at UNESCO: “This is a very important and urgent question: what kind of children will we leave to the world in 30 years, and how can we change and transform our schools from this point of view.”

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