Woman beauty calendar 35-39 years

Beauty recipes for women 35-39 years oldThe clock is ticking, age is sneaking … And we? And we are not afraid! Stock up on pens and notepads, or better – make a note on your phone marked IMPORTANT! Now we will reveal all the secrets of self-care after 35 years.

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  1. Types of facial aging 35+
  2. What does the skin need to prolong youth
  3. Beauty rider – adding to the calendar
  4. Hair care
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Beauty recipes for women 35-39 years old

Skin aging after 35 years: main types

If you do not delve into cosmetological subtleties, then choosing care on their own, most women are guided by age tags in care products… This option is a little losing, and here’s why: skin aging occurs according to its own individual scheme. It depends on the genetic background, lifestyle, climatic characteristics of the region of residence, skin type and even the presence of excess weight.

Three most common types of aging can be conditionally distinguished:

  • Fine wrinkled.
  • Deformation.
  • “Tired face”.

The types of aging are not limited to this classification.

But we will not consider age-related changes in the muscular type, since this form is characteristic of people not of Slavic appearance, but of Asian ones.

The fatigue-senile type of aging is also irrelevant when it comes to leaving at 35 years old.

Fine wrinkled type of aging

Fine wrinkled type of agingCosmetologists compare such a face with a baked apple. Lean owners of dry skin with minimal subcutaneous fat note dehydration of the skin, unwanted facial wrinkles and crow’s feet.

The face looks shrinking due to the inability of the skin to retain moisture due to a deficiency of its own lipids.

How to “love” such skin:

  1. Strict smoking taboo.
  2. A moisturizer for gentle cleansing.
  3. Nourishing cream, mask, serum with peptides and botox effect.
  4. Massage.
  5. Salon procedures to activate blood circulation and metabolic processes.
  6. Chemical peeling, microdermabrasion.

The advantage of the fine-wrinkled form of aging will be the absence of a tendency to sagging of the skin, and, consequently, the long-term preservation of a well-defined face oval.

Deformation type of aging

Deformation type of agingA swollen face oval with a double chin, a tendency to edema and bags under the eyes, nasolabial folds indicate a deformation type of aging. Interestingly, the appearance of wrinkles can be minimal.

This is a story about ladies of a wide build with a plump face, combination or problem skin. Therefore, work on yourself begins with weight loss. Losing weight will help minimize the signs of aging.

We replenish the cosmetic bag with creams and serums with anti-couperose action, the effect of strengthening the walls of blood vessels and improving microcirculation.

“Tired face”

Tired type of aging facial skinDecreased facial muscle tone and skin turgor, drooping corners of the eyes and mouth are the main problem in this case. The face appears pasty and dull, with a nasolabial fold and lacrimal groove. In the morning you are fresh and youthful, and by the end of the day all age signs are awake.

  • You will have to support self-care quality sleep
  • Products with vitamin C and AHA acids in home care, they will improve the complexion, stimulate collagen synthesis and give the skin a glow.
  • At the beautician it is better to choose chiromassage, microcurrent therapy and procedures to eliminate pastiness, increase muscle tone and microcirculation.

The “tired” face responds perfectly to all procedures.

Due to its high effectiveness from care, it is considered the most favorable among other types of aging.

Combined type of aging

Combined type of agingOften, the above types of aging are combined, leading women to bewildered. They show signs of different types – for example, first, individual moments appear according to the pattern of age-related changes in a tired face, then dry areas of the skin are covered with fine wrinkles. Or the clarity of the face oval “floats away” somewhere, the cheek area becomes pasty, and the nasolabial fold becomes pronounced.

In such cases, we are talking about a mixed type of aging – the most complex and frequent. Signs of the above types are combined in different proportions.

Care, accordingly, will also be combined, with an emphasis on existing problems.

Skin care for the face and body of a woman 35-39 years old

Accomplices of youth

Let’s do without chemistry and theory, just briefly go over the most significant components of skin care products over 35 years old:

  • Hyaluronic acid – attracts water, is able to relieve sensitivity, peeling, work on the upper layer of the skin. Low molecular weight hyaluron penetrates deeper layers (especially when combined with products aimed at hydration).
  • Collagen – a protein that affects the elasticity of the skin. Responsible for moisturizing and smoothing the skin. Its presence in the cream improves the condition of the skin due to its ability to strengthen and intensely moisturize.
  • Peptides – fragments of protein molecules. They penetrate the skin and affect the physiological processes of renewal and rejuvenation (after a month of use, they give a noticeable effect).
  • Sirtuins – protection of the skin from premature aging and restoration of its cells. Contained in the skins of grapes. Have you already figured out which cream to look for?

These substances will greatly benefit mature skin.

Woman beauty 35+

Beauty-rider 35+ – supplementing your beauty calendar

Let’s imagine that our skin is a popular star that agrees to please us with its capabilities, provided that the requirements for its comfort are met.

We include a beauty rider for the skin in our beauty calendar:

  1. Habitual basic care
  2. Serums. Intensive rejuvenation through deep penetration, elimination of specific problems (rosacea, acne, pigmentation) thanks to additional components for different skin types in the composition. The active concentrate enhances the effect, it can be used daily or as a course.
  3. Masks. In the summer – hydration, in the winter – food. Life hack: use alternately two masks of the same action, but of different composition.
  4. Exfoliation. For oily and combination skin – enzyme peeling, for thin and sensitive – with melting granules.
  5. Salon care (massage, microcurrents, peeling).

We also take care of the skin of the body. Hands can betray age! Take care of them.

Hair care for women over 35

More attention to hair

As part of our beauty calendar, we talked a lot about face and body care. After 35 years, it makes sense to focus on hair care. By this time, our hair needs special attention after childbirth, numerous stresses, lack of nutrients and vitamins, and just from the daily marathon with hot styling.

Certain problems already exist, for some points there is still an opportunity to work ahead of the curve. Thinning and excessively falling out, dull lifeless hair, manifestations of gray hair are the main complaints of our readers.

We offer a scheme of basic and additional care, as well as supporting procedures:

  • The basis of the foundations is hair washing. Sulfate-free shampoo by hair type, ideally from a series of professional care, for example – Alerana Intensive Nutrition. We do it with warm water, not hot!
  • As additional care we use oils and masks

– Leader of folk recipes – Burr oil… To combat hair loss, it can be used alone, or in combination with honey (we heat the mixture). Grapefruit in this composition will bring a portion of vital energy.

– The smell of burdock oil can deprive aesthetics in personal care. No problem! Those who keep up with our beauty calendar have a bottle in their cosmetic bag coconut oil… We heat it in hot water – and distribute it over the entire length of the hair and scalp. As in the case with burdock oil, we stand for 40 minutes. But especially patient beauties can wrap their heads in a towel and enjoy the scent of coconut for 1-2 hours, and then – smooth shiny hair!

  • After 35 years, the production of melanin decreases. Deficiency of pigment for dyeing hair leads to occasional appearance of gray hair at first. Without unnecessary questions “what to do” and “is it necessary?”, We just accept, as a given, the need hair coloring… If you are completely satisfied with the natural color, you can limit yourself to basal coloring tone-on-tone.
  • One can verbatim admonish about the need to abandon drying with a hairdryer and thermo-laying… But we are the ladies of the XXI century. It is foolish to be lakhudra in the name of dubiously lofty goals. Avoid extremes, find a sensible balance and include thermal sprays (Capous Invisible Care or Lisap Milano Kerasil Complex) or leave-in balms (HydraKer from Erayba) in your head care.
  • For combing we select natural bristle brush… This will protect the hair and scalp. We start at the ends, gradually moving to the roots. Periodically complement the thorough combing with a head massage. This is a very useful procedure because after 30 years, the activity of the follicles slows down, and their partial death occurs. In Ayurveda, evening head massage is done to activate collagen. From soft touches with the fingertips, we turn to intensive movements: you need to clasp your head with your hands in the temporal region and move the entire scalp back and forth.

Personal care women over 35 - advice from cosmetologists


Finally, catch the super-technique “Kisses”: Lightly collect lips and kiss the air 25 times. With the neck and lips, we stretch to the sides with different amplitudes to feel the work of the muscles. The back is straight! We do it while we ride in the elevator or wait for the boss in the waiting room.

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