Woman boss: pros and cons – when the boss is a woman!

The days when women only stood at the stove, nursed children and met earners from work are over. Today it is no longer possible to surprise anyone with a woman boss. Moreover, the effectiveness of the activities of the bosses does not depend at all on gender, but on personal leadership qualities, education and experience. But, of course, there are peculiarities in the work of a woman chef.

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Woman boss – classification of psychological types

1. The head – “A man in a skirt”

Such a boss is stingy with emotions. She more than compensates for the lack of emotionality by authoritarianism in dealing with subordinates and by the harshness of her attitude towards people and affairs. Such a business woman will never forget her “iron grip” at home, and she does not smell like democracy at work – exchange of opinions and free expression of her thoughts are excluded by default. As a rule, employees of a fine mental organization flee from such a collective. Therefore, outright sycophancy, quarrelsomeness and sodomy reigns in him.

What do you need to remember?

  • Learn to be silent and control yourself.
  • Do not allow the conversation to move from dialogue to other planes.
  • Use the gift of persuasion.

2. The boss – “Mommy”

The boss from this category is the complete opposite of the previous one. No action is complete without emotion. The main weapon is charm. The employees are almost her children, and friendship and only friendship should reign in the team. Learn more about friendship with your boss. Kindness and emotionality do not contribute to order in the team – there is always chaos due to the super-liberal nature of the “mommy”.

What do you need to remember?

  • With your problems and suggestions, contact only your boss directly (not your colleagues).
  • Skip technical details in your “presentation” – explain your ideas on the level of emotional painting. If the boss is inspired by your heartfelt speech, the technical details will be solved by themselves.
  • The reprimands of such a boss usually represent female grievances that are understandable to everyone. And you should respond to them accordingly. That is, referring not to the mind, but to the feelings.
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3. The boss – “Enthusiast”

This situational type of leader is a workaholic woman who lives for success and victory. She will always come first and leave last. There is paper chaos on her desk. In her memory – often too. Due to the abundance of information, she often forgets about the specific duties of subordinates, the timing of tasks, etc. Compared to the previous options, this one is not so bad. In any case, the forgetfulness of the bosses sometimes provides an extra day off, and you will not have any special problems at work.

The pros of being a female boss

  • Caution and attentiveness. Details that a man will not pay attention to, a woman will always notice and draw conclusions.
  • Developed intuition, which is important in business.
  • Accuracy in the execution of tasks.
  • A responsibility.
  • Sensitivity and psychological orientation. A woman understands people better.
  • Cunning, flexibility. A woman is able to get out of difficult situations with fewer losses.
  • Calm about monotonous work.
  • Quickly solve problems that are associated with a creative atmosphere (ideas).
  • The ability to create a cozy and warm working environment.
  • A woman is more attentive to her subordinates and is more democratic in her management style.
  • In the team of a female boss, there is always a place for joint tea parties and holidays, corporate parties and field trips. However, be careful to be friends with your boss.
  • A woman never makes serious decisions during corporate events and gatherings.
  • A woman values ​​her reputation. Unlike a male chef, she will not start an affair with subordinates and respond to flirting.
  • A woman is more flexible psychologically. She is able to quickly adapt to the team, circumstances, any changes.
  • Emotionality and open expression of emotions allows a woman to avoid neuroses.
  • A woman knows how to listen and hear her coworkers.

Director woman – cons

  • A woman evaluates the situation less soberly due to excessive emotionality. In a fit of rage, she can say too much and fire the innocent.
  • A woman is not able to calculate her steps and their consequences in advance, to look at the problem from the outside.
  • The atmosphere in the team will depend on the preferences and characteristics of the woman’s character.
  • Subordinate female chefs spend more time at work.
  • A woman’s mood can influence a particular decision. As a result, employees cannot always understand what exactly is required of them.
  • It is more difficult for a woman to “lead” a team – her leadership qualities (with rare exceptions) are always less developed than that of a male boss.
  • It is difficult for a woman to be cold-blooded. Therefore, at the moment when she is ready to chop off the shoulder, it is better to give her the opportunity to cool down. Solving a problem on the rise of emotions does not benefit anyone.
  • The dislike and sympathy of a woman is always at a glance for all subordinates. This fact is most strongly reflected in female employees – jealousy of beauty, intelligence and youth (marital status, having children, etc.) of one or another subordinate can become the reason for dismissal and constant “chipping”.
  • A woman cannot stand any initiative at work – everything is strictly according to the charter and the employment contract.
  • A woman is less decisive – she rarely takes risks at work, which, as a rule, results in a falling level of demand for products (services), lack of growth in the client base, in the absence of business development.
Female boss: pros and cons
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A woman leader can be a despot, a mom, and a calm boss who does not go to extremes. But, as practice shows, and statistics say, both women and men prefer to work under the supervision of a male boss.

Commentary by sociologist Alena Dubinets

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Being a female boss is not easy. Accordingly, it is not easy to build a relationship with her. Why?

Women, by their nature, are dependent and restless creatures. They need male protection to be happy. But due to a number of social and psychological reasons, they are forced to work, and some – even on a par with men.

What makes a woman strive for promotion and getting a high position? Subconscious fear. She may be afraid of non-recognition, lack of money, criticism, etc. What is important to understand? A female boss is a responsible leader who can control and lead people as well as a male boss. But in order to remain a leader at work and be happy at the same time, it is important to protect yourself from stress as much as possible.

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