Women’s self-defense courses or school – how to choose and what should be included in the training?

Women's self-defense courses or school - how to choose?“Gentle, modest, quiet … But the hand is heavy!” Unfortunately, the growth of crime these days forces girls to master the skills of self-defense – a strong and strong man is not always next to you who can protect you from all misfortunes, and knowledge of the right techniques can, if not stop the villains, then at least give a head start for “escape “.

The main thing is to choose the right school of self-defense, and to approach classes with all responsibility.

The content of the article:

  1. What do girls need to own for self-defense?
  2. Types of self-defense courses for women
  3. How to choose women’s self-defense courses?

Women’s self-defense – what do you need to own to protect yourself from the encroachments of criminals?

It is dangerous to be weak today.

But the talent to stand up for oneself does not come out of nowhere – it needs to learn. You may not have time to pull out a gas cylinder from your purse, and pulling out a knife or a pistol is completely dangerous (the consequences are unpredictable).

Therefore, the ideal option (unless, of course, you walk the streets with a shocker in your hand) is a self-defense technique.

It remains only to choose the one you want …

  1. Shock techniques. For example, Thai boxing or karate.
  2. Wrestling techniques… These include judo, sambo, etc.

Which one is more needed?

It all depends on where these or those techniques can be applied in life. In reality, the attacker is (in most cases) taller and heavier than his victim. Most often, at the initial stage of the attack, it is the striking technique that “wins”.

But in “close combat” one cannot do without wrestling technique.

Therefore, the ideal option is to choose a course that combines both techniques.

Components of women’s self-defense – what do you need to own?

  • Primarily, the psychological readiness is to fight back at any moment. Moreover, despite the size of the villain.
  • Ability to kick / punch and defend against blows.
  • Knowledge of the algorithm of actions during an attack, the rules of self-defense.
  • Practicing various possible situations: the ability to act in standard and non-standard situations.
  • Knowledge of ways to counter grips / grips.
  • Knowledge of the simplest painful techniques.
  • Knowledge of tactics when attacking two or more villains.
  • Knowledge of the principles of protection against the threat of melee weapons.
  • Knowledge of the device and principles of the use of traumatic / gas weapons.
  • The ability to use any available means for self-defense, not forgetting the rules of not exceeding it.

How to choose self-defense courses for girls?

Types of self-defense courses for women – defining goals

Before choosing a school of study and going on courses, it is important to determine the goals.

  1. You are bored and want variety.
  2. You want to show off your training to your friends. And in general, to be able to beat the muzzle is fashionable.
  3. You want more aggressive body contours.
  4. Do you really want to feel safewhen you return from work in the evening.

If your case is the last of the above, then you have 2 ways:

  • Classic “hand-to-hand”. In this case, with special diligence, you will have a chance to achieve such a level of physical fitness that all the villains will run across to the other side of the street, as soon as they see you. One minus – not only scoundrels will run away there. And the techniques that relate to this option, together with your weakness, will deprive you of your femininity (curves from blows to noses and scars of women do not paint).
  • Special School for Women’s Self-Defense. It is in such courses that you will be taught how to defend yourself correctly and at the same time remain a woman. The course, as a rule, consists of a complex of psychological, tactical and technical activities.

A large part of such courses should be devoted to the issue of timely threat recognition. More chances to survive, just recognizing the threat, and not boldly jumping into the last train with two types of gangster appearance, hoping for his trademark “left hook”.

And finally, a few percussion techniques and their features:

  • Thai boxing. An ideal technique for developing strength, endurance and fighting spirit. After a n-th amount of training, you will become a furious and wild beast, capable of tearing your poor victim (villain) to the bitter end. Strikes are prohibited only to the throat and groin, so dislocations, numerous bruises and a broken head are your constant companions at every workout. For fame and money – “the very thing.” For self-defense – too aggressive a type of technique, and the price for it is too high (ruined health).
  • Kyokushin karate. A poetic name for a technique that occupies the 2nd place of honor for bloodthirstiness. Just six months of hard training, and you will be ready to break a couple of ribs. Well, or a hand, at worst. True, your beautiful female body will look like a punching bag, but in the evening it will not be scary to return home.
  • Kickboxing. Honorary 3rd place. Here you will be taught to put blocks, beat and even build a strategy for the upcoming battle. But in life it will not come in handy. Because there will be no protective overlays on you in real life, and the referee will not stop the fight.
  • Taekwando. Optimal defense in training, good hitting practice and a perfectly acceptable type of technique if you are planning to become a champion. For self-defense, however, this technique is not suitable.

Choosing a self-defense school for women - what is included in the training?

How to choose women’s self-defense courses to get 100% result – advice from experienced

In any kind of martial arts, you can be prepared for self-defense if you find a good coach there.

However, the ideal option is still a self-defense school.

It won’t be easy to find it, but as a guide, you can use several guidelines for finding such courses:

  • Clarify all the details: how many people will be in the group, how exactly will safety in training be ensured, how the workout will take place, and what will be the psychological preparation. The school must be chosen in the same way as the fitness center, clarifying important questions.
  • All technical elements must be united by a single structure, in which one action flows organically from another.
  • Training should not be based on stupid engagement in battle, but on gaining the skill of striking from your distance with a further shift to an advantageous position for yourself and to the subsequent flight.
  • Read about the school (courses) and the coach himself. Surely there are reviews about him on the net. Pay special attention to his seniority and previous activities. Remember that in addition to demonstrating techniques, there should be an explanation of all the nuances of their execution.
  • The sporting rank of a coach is great, but it does not guarantee that the instructor’s system is perfect and effective. More obvious in this case will be results achieved by his students – do not forget to chat with them.
  • The coach must be empathetic, attentive and interested in the result., but you should not be spared in training. Fights should be exclusively full-contact, in which you beat not only you, but you as well. This is necessary for practicing real possible situations. Role playing is one of the most important parts of all workouts. It is on them that you learn to work out the acquired skills and run in all possible situations, so that later you do not “get caught up in them.”
  • Most of the training should be a coach’s instructions on how to avoid being attacked., and not about how to fight back. A competent instructor will first explain that you should not shine an iPhone in the middle of a dark street and get into a car with a suspicious type, and only then will he show where the potential villain’s pain points are.
  • Use your common sense and intuition… They will tell you if you will get exactly what you need in this school.
  • Focus solely on what you grasp quickly… You can learn more advanced techniques later. Master the basics first — those that “go well”. It is important not to learn a thousand tricks, but to learn how to competently own a few that can really be useful.
  • Be careful. If you are promised that in 3 days (or even 3 months) you will be turned into a terminator, look for another school. In fact, full-fledged training lasts about a year, and then you just need to keep fit.
  • It makes no sense to hope for a super-result if you go to training a couple of times a week to show off – just for show. Only hard training and the toughest sparring (bags, pears, and trainers are not as effective as live partners in sparring; most of the techniques on trainers cannot be worked out!) will lead you to success. If you are not ready for them, choose a fitness and a stronger young man who will always be by your side.

And remember the main thing: the strength of any woman is in her wisdom. Without it, no technique will give you the feeling of self-confidence and the necessary security.

Learn to analyze, predict, draw conclusions quickly – and, accordingly, react to them. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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