Women’s test – find out what attracts men to you

Women are beautiful divine creatures who came into the world to adorn and flourish. Each representative of the fair sex is endowed by nature with a special charm and charm. Today we invite you to reveal the secret of your personal attractiveness. Are you ready to find out why men are personally interested in you? Then get down to the test!


  1. Focus on taking the test.
  2. Imagine that next to you is a handsome, interesting man who does not take his eyes off you.
  3. Take a look at the picture below and choose the woman silhouette that interests you more than others.

Important! Try to make your choice intuitively. Perhaps one of these silhouettes reminds you. Make a choice in its favor.

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Option number 1 – Miss spontaneity

You are an unusual woman. The representatives of the stronger sex are attracted to you by originality and eccentricity. Never sit in one place, because you think that there are a lot of amazing and interesting things in the world. Always strive to discover something new and unusual for yourself.

Men think there is a spark in you. You are really endowed with a special attractive energy, you know how to charm. You are one of those women who fall in love with yourself at first sight.

Option number 2 – Fatal lady

Who can compare with such a beauty as you? Of course not! You are one of those who know your own worth. You know how to carry yourself with dignity. And this is very commendable. You are a passionate nature, but very vulnerable. The men around you are afraid of offending you, because they understand that you are not one of those who give a second chance. And they will not miss the opportunity to be in a company of such a wonderful nature as you. For this reason, you are always surrounded by crowds of fans. They are quickly enchanted by your magnetism and charm.

Option number 3 – The ideal hostess

Men know that when it comes to household chores, you have no equal. You are the woman who will cook a delicious dinner, and will put things in perfect order, and even create a calm and pleasant atmosphere in the house. With a woman like you, you won’t be lost! And the representatives of the stronger sex are well aware of this. However, it’s not just your talents as a housewife that you fascinate them. Femininity is also well expressed in you. You attract to yourself with care, charm and tenderness. Yes, you should be carried in your arms!

Option number 4 – Romantic nature

According to men, you are a real woman. Vulnerable, affectionate, emotional, empathetic and tender. Strive to patronize and take care of everyone who is dear to you. The representatives of the stronger sex believe that you are a fairy who is able to create a joyful atmosphere wherever she is. Treat your loved one with respect, do not conflict with him, thanks to which you are able to build harmonious partnerships.

Option number 5 – Miss Sensuality

You are the type of women who fall in love with themselves at first sight. The men next to you literally melt. They are attracted by your self-confidence and, at the same time, weakness and vulnerability. You know how to “turn on” a fool so that your partner feels like a master of the situation, or an ice queen to emphasize your importance. Men around you feel like protectors and leaders. And that’s great!

Option number 6 – Steel Lady

You are an example of high morality and fortitude. Men feel strength in you and therefore are attracted to become even better and stronger next to you. For many of them, you are a teacher. Your main “horse” is dedication. Representatives of the stronger sex perceive you as a strong, confident woman who clearly knows what she wants from life. Men are attracted to you, to match you. The weak in spirit shy away from you, because they subconsciously understand that you are simply not on the zooms for them.

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