Working as an administrator in a beauty salon – is it necessary to study?

Where to find a job as a beauty salon administratorOne of the most popular professions in the beauty industry is, of course, a beauty salon administrator. Many young (and not so) girls look for her in job listings and study forums for the nuances of work.

True, it should be noted that this work consists not only in dressing beautifully, smiling at customers and drinking coffee at the reception – it takes a lot of energy, and the responsibility is quite serious.

Therefore, you should first assess your chances and weigh the pros.

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What does a beauty salon administrator do – duties and work schedule

Contrary to the impression (from visiting the salon), the administrator is a serious job. The atmosphere in the team, the accounting department, and the impression of each client from a visit to the salon actually depends on this person.

We can say that the administrator is a calling. Almost a “man-orchestra” (and the face of the company), whose duties include: meet clients, help them with the choice of a procedure (for example, hair care procedures), provide guidance in prices and additional services, and carry out monetary payments.

As well as…

  1. Coordination of the work of all employees.
  2. Keeping records of clients and work “on the phone”.
  3. Consulting clients.
  4. Purchase, sale, accounting of cosmetics.
  5. Control over the serviceability of all equipment, over the availability of all the tools necessary for the work of the masters.
  6. Work with the cashier.
  7. Payment of salaries to employees.
  8. Resolution of all conflict situations.
  9. Maintaining internal documentation.
  10. Conducting promotions, customer surveys, etc.
  11. Control over labor discipline and storekeeper functions (control over the safety of materiel / valuables).
  12. Control over the update / state of advertising, as well as over the design of the salon.
  13. Ensuring order / cleanliness in the salon and in the surrounding area.

What is the typical administrator’s schedule?

These conditions, first of all, depend on the salon – everywhere there is its own mode of operation. But in most cases the administrator comes before everyone else and, accordingly, leaves the room later than everyone else (closes the salon).

Sometimes the working day is lengthened due to a delay in customer service (By the way, find out if the employer has the right to force work on weekends).

Traditional schedule: from 9.30 am to 10 pm.

Work as an administrator in a beauty salon

Necessary skills to work as an administrator in a beauty salon – what should you learn?

The administrator, as mentioned above, is the face of the salon and its main mechanism. In addition to serving customers and creating the most comfortable conditions for them, the administrator performs all the functions of managing the salon. Therefore, only one pleasant appearance and a charming voice for this vacancy will not be enough.

What do you need to be able to and know?

Basic requirements for the candidacy:

  • Work experience from 1-2 years.
  • Age: 20-35 years old.
  • The presence of a “crust” about the special courses passed.
  • Higher education.
  • Pleasant appearance and voice, grooming and neatness.
  • Communication skills, the ability to communicate with any clients.
  • Knowledge of English / language.

Important qualities that the administrator cannot do without:

  1. Stress tolerance is the most important quality (Our rating of the most stressful jobs for women in Russia).
  2. Responsibility and attentiveness.
  3. The ability to concentrate regardless of distractions and the number of clients.
  4. Goodwill and patience.
  5. Aesthetic taste.
  6. The ability to match (approx. – appearance) the concept of the interior.

Required knowledge:

  • Fundamentals of Marketing, Economics and advertising organization.
  • Fundamentals of Psychology, in particular – social, ethics, aesthetics.
  • Basics and rules for working with KKM, PC (note – Word, Excel, 1C, etc.), with reporting documentation.
  • Technique of sales of services / goods and telephoning / negotiations.
  • Business Etiquette.
  • Knowledge of market trends competitive environment, services.
  • Knowledge of the nuances of the work of salon specialists, receptionists, as well as technologies for the implementation of the proposed procedures, quality requirements for all drugs and materials, consumption rates for all materials.

Of the medical contraindications for work, it can be noted:

  1. Mental disorders of a different nature.
  2. Hearing / vision diseases.
  3. The presence of skin diseases.
  4. The presence of infectious contagious diseases.

Courses for training an administrator in a beauty salon – is it necessary and how to choose?

Some salons take administrators “for growth”. That is, they train on the spot and then find a job instead of the dropout (for example, on maternity leave).

But in most cases, qualifications, skills and at least minimal work experience are still required. Therefore, you will not be able to do without courses.

How to choose courses, and what to look for – our recommendations:

  • Choose a specialized training center. Not the center where they teach “everything”, but a specialized one related to the beauty business.
  • The training program should cover not only the daily aspects of the profession, but also special / blocks. That is, customer care, ways out of conflict situations, the organization of a system of relations with employees, service behavior, the ability to sell, etc.
  • The choice of the form of study depends only on you. You can study in absentia, you can – with attending courses in person, or you can even do it online. Of course, live training is easier to understand, but distance courses “cling to your head” more firmly, cost less and for a long time become practically a guidebook for you.
  • Place of study choose one that the salon management will not have complaints about – with a good reputation. Also, the master of the course and the chosen course itself should have a good reputation.
  • Ask if all aspects of the activity are covered by the training programwhether the course has existed for a long time, whether there are good reviews about it on the web.
  • Studying time. Traditionally, the course includes about 40 academic hours and more. There are also short-term 5-day courses, but the program will be “truncated” and you will have to memorize everything “on the run.”

It will be much easier to understand the nuances of the profession if you have a medical and economic education.

Beauty salon administrator training

Salary and career of an administrator in a beauty salon – what to count on?

For a given specialist, the salary depends on the cabin, traffic, personal merit, etc., on average – 25000-35000 rubles with an increase, according to the work of the administrator. In addition, this vacancy may involve an addition to the salary in the form 10% from sales of materials and 10% from the amount of the check for customer service in a cafe, as well as various bonuses.

Is career growth possible?

Considering that the work of an administrator involves gaining versatile experience, it is quite possible (if you have finances) to open your own salon from scratch.

In the absence of financial opportunities, career growth looks approximately the same in all salons:

  1. Junior assistant first.
  2. Further, the deputy head.
  3. After – salon director or the head of one of the salons if there is a network of salons.

Where to find a job as a beauty salon administrator – real advice from experienced

Today, the demand for beauty administrators remains extremely high. The number of beauty salons is growing every day, and there is a shortage of experienced, qualified beauty managers.

Of course, to find a decent job with a nice salary, you have to work hard, but even a small salon “across the street” is suitable for the first steps and the first experience.

Where to start from?

We are looking for administrator vacancies through ads, newspapers, vacancies on the Internet and “by acquaintances” …

  • In beauty salons.
  • In fitness clubs.
  • In SPA salons.

“Experienced” administrators advise to directly call all the salons for a vacancy, or bypass them personally.

Moreover, it is certainly recommended to communicate with the director. After all, there are many cases when the director does not want to advertise his desire to change the administrator, or the administrator himself deliberately kicks off all potential candidates.

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