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Bodyrok is a system of exercises that allows you to make your body the perfect shape. The goal of Suzanne Bodirok, who created this set of exercises, is to help you find harmony with yourself, become healthy and beautiful through fitness. The uniqueness of this fitness program from others is that the set of exercises is performed at home.

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Basic rules for training bodyrok – recommendations for beginners from Zuzana Bodirok

For those who decide to get rid of excess weight on their body (fat folds, sagging muscles) with the help of a bodyrock, at the initial stage, Zuzana Bodyrock gives a lot of recommendations, advice, instructions.

  • First of all, you need to adjust your diet and keep a diary where you will note what foods and how much you ate and your feelings after eating.
  • Suzanne also suggests introducing proteins in the daily diet in the form of low-fat cottage cheese, lean beef, chicken breast, eggs.
  • Eat grapefruits, cabbage, various berries, bananas, apples and other vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat flax seeds, avocados, nuts as fats.
  • To saturate the body with carbohydrates, introduce oatmeal and legumes.
  • You should drink a lot of liquid: about 3 liters a day (for each kilogram of weight – 40 ml of water).
  • It is advisable to drink clean water, green tea or freshly squeezed juices.

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Exercise should be daily. They do not take much time – just half an hour a day of intense, short-interval exercises, and after a while you will achieve the desired result.


Before the main exercises Suzanne advises to do a warm-up, lasting 5 minutes, then stretching, and then move on to power and cardio loads.

Indications and contraindications for bodysuits

Suzanne’s perfect body inspires many people, including men, to practice, because exercises are universal.

But, when deciding on the implementation of a fitness program, you should first consult with your doctor if you have:

  • Disorders in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Diabetes;
  • Problems with heart.

All the others who want to tighten muscles on a certain part of the body or achieve the desired effect for the whole body, then bodyrock – videos with lessons can always be found on the Internet.

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Such training will suit those who want to get quick results, while spending a minimum of time.

Bodybuilding sports equipment – how to prepare for a body rock workout?

Subsequently, with an increase in the complexity of the exercises you will need sports equipment… Although Suzanne always gives alternative exercises for those who do not have sports equipment yet.

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Used in training:

  • Interval timer… To track clear intervals of time to complete an exercise. By vibration or sound, it will inform you when to change the exercise. This allows you to focus on the workout completely and not be distracted by extraneous things.
  • Gymnastic mat. It is much more convenient to perform the complex on a rug than on the floor. In addition, it is used as a pad for strength exercises on the uneven bars.
  • Sand bag. With this versatile projectile, you can adjust the load. Its main purpose is to give additional intensity to the exercises.
  • Jump rope. Performing exercises with her develops endurance, coordination, agility, and also trains a sense of balance and rhythm.
  • Horizontal bar dip-station (bars for bodyrok). With its help, a bench press is performed while standing, in an incline.
  • Dumbbells. Exercising with them will not only speed up the process of burning calories and normalize metabolism, but also slow down the aging process, strengthen bones and ligaments, and back muscles.
  • Fitness exercise ball. Fitball exercises will strengthen your pelvic muscles, abdominals, and lower back.

Bodyrock workout results – photo

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