Wwe John Cena Vs Umaga Last Man Standing

In this rematch, two men from different sides of the ring went at it for the WWE Title. John Cena holds the title since 2004, but Umaga’s last match was in April 2006. This match was notable for contrasting styles and character traits. This rematch was also the first time in a decade both men had been undefeated.

The match was a must-watch for any wrestling fan, because of the edginess that John Cena brought to WWE. John Cena was actually choked by the Samoan Bulldozer in the ring while Cena wrapped the rope around Umaga’s neck to immobilize him. The match’s climax is a spectacular finish, with a thrilling climax.

This match was one of the best ever to take place in WWE, and it arguably established the last man standing stipulation as the standard for the era. Although both men had an impressive career, this match was the most memorable. Both men were dominant in singles for many years, but they couldn’t beat each other. This match could have changed everything.

As a result of the infamous “Anything Goes” format, this match is considered one of the best matches of the decade. Both men are exceptional athletes and this match is undoubtedly the best example ever of a last-man-standing match. Both men were surrounded by wild fans, and Cena’s charisma and ferocity were evident in the lively atmosphere.

The first match between these two men was very promising. Both men were great in previous matches and their popularity was not in doubt. However, the rematch with Umaga could have changed the landscape of WWE programming. Cena defeated Umaga in the first match of the series by dismantling her ring. This match was a perfect example of a rematch which starred both men.

In the match between Cena and Umaga, the former WWE champion slashed the latter in a shocking way. He strangled Umaga to death, and the two men exchanged insults before the match was over. In the second match, Umaga was able to get his foot on the top of the ladder and pin the two men to the mat.

While the ring match between John Cena and Umaga had many highlights, it was the final encounter that catapulted him to the top of the ring. This was one the most memorable wrestling matches of all-time. It may have also changed the face and format of modern WWE programming. The fight was a rematch of two men from different eras.

While Cena is the main draw, the match between Umaga is also a showcase of the two men’s skills in the ring. While the former was a big box office draw, the latter is an underrated force. The match featured the only man who beat the wwe champion and they had a fierce battle. The match between the two men ended up being about dominance and egos.

The match between Umaga and John Cena was one of the best wrestling matches in the past decade. It was the first step towards the modern-day WWE programming’s “last man standing” stipulation. But in the ring, this match was a true classic, and it has remained a benchmark for the stipulation. It is still one the most prestigious wwe John Cena versus Umaga rematches.

The wwe john cena VS umaga last man standing was a classic match between two superstars. It was the last time that both men won the championship. The match was a rematch of the first match between the two in 2007. The match ended in a draw. The match was a classic. The storyline of the ring was great.

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