You won’t get bored with them: 15 photos of evidence that raising children is fun

Children are happiness! And we fully agree with this statement. The most joyful moments in life are connected with them. And how wonderful it is when parents manage to capture the happy moments of their childhood!

We at Coldy know for sure: you will not get bored with children. Here’s proof that raising kids is incredibly fun!

Happy viewing!

  • “Little Kiss from the Big Cow”
foto 1 8
Photo by iamamovieperson/Reddit

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  • “His grandfather gave him the first $100 bill”
foto 2 11
Photo by igowest/Reddit
  • “Feeding a seagull has never looked so great!”
foto 3 9
Photo ronocaster/Reddit
  • “My son is crazy about our washing machine so I took this picture.”
foto 4 8
Photo by sean_hol/Reddit
  • “Finally I was able to capture my son’s raised eyebrow on camera”
foto 5 9
Photo babiesihavethem/Reddit
  • “This photo of my son lifts my spirits every time.”
foto 6 8
Photo by monrog***/Reddit
  • “2 future best friends meet for the first time”
foto 7 6
Photo hey_suburbia/Reddit
  • “Our family photo from 18 years ago. The amount of emotions here rolls over!”
foto 8 6
Photo by FritzBakon/Reddit
  • “I took a picture of my daughter with a dog at a time when they were very happy”
foto 9 6
Photo by DaddyOhhhh/Reddit
  • “Perfect Angle”
foto 10 6
Photo isaacphotography/Imgur
  • “My son’s head is in a soap bubble”
foto 11 7
Photo pnwmommy/Reddit
  • “It seemed? No, it’s me and my daughter!
foto 12 6
Photo wilki724/Reddit
  • “My daughter’s soap bubble. I took this shot at the exact moment it burst.”
foto 13 6
Photo hskrlvr/Reddit
  • “This is my favorite autumn photo”
foto 14 6
Photo by SchwettyBawls/Reddit
  • “She first tried a popular Spanish dessert called flan.”
foto 15 4
Photo Stink3y3/Imgur

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