Your BFF – What She Is: 8 Qualities of a Good Girlfriend

Your BFF - What She Is: 8 Qualities of a Good GirlfriendSometimes it is very difficult to discern a traitor in a friend, or just a bad and unworthy person.

But, if negative traits are not always easy to notice, then the presence of the following positive qualities in a close friend will allow you to be confident in her.

1. Delicacy

Sincerity is, of course, wonderful. It’s good when a friend is not stingy to express her emotions and opinions.

However, a worthy friend will not go too far, and will try to present unpleasant facts as gently as possible: so that they do not cause you a feeling of resentment, and at the same time, they will point you to where you, in her opinion, are wrong.

For example, she will never say that the dress you choose is terrible. Your best friend will express her own lack of excitement delicately and gently, trying as much as possible to get around sharp corners and not offend your pride. At the same time, she will certainly offer a good alternative.

2. Honesty

A good friend will not lie even on trifles, trying to exaggerate his successes, because he does not need to assert himself at your expense.

A good friend is an honest person who will not lie to you to spite you. Nobody is perfect and all people lie sometimes. However, a faithful friend will never do this to annoy you.

Best friend qualities

3. Ability to celebrate your success

The ability to rejoice at your success is a very important trait, which, in its absence, allows you to recognize a selfish and vile person nearby.

It’s one thing to wipe away someone’s tears, because you can gloat and rejoice inwardly, which is easier to hide. But if a friend is not able to share your joy, this is deplorable.

Of course, when sharing good news with her, you should take into account what is happening in her life now. Calling her to choose your wedding dress with you the moment she informs you of your divorce is cruel, so you shouldn’t be surprised at her reaction.

Taking into account the rest of the points, pay attention – whether your friend is happy with you, or sighs in annoyance and laments why this joy did not happen to her.

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4. Support in difficult times

She will live your difficult moments with you, will certainly take the time to be by your side when you need it most.

A close and sincere friend will revive you, listen and do her best to help you somehow.

8 qualities of a good friend

5. Unselfishness

Any positive act of a good friend towards you will always be done from the heart.

She will not demand something equivalent from you in return, because she is sure that you love her as much as she loves you.

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6. Critical thinking

Of course, it’s nice when a friend agrees with you on many things, because this once again proves what kind of understanding you have. However, when she agrees with you on absolutely everything, it arouses suspicion.

A good friend has her own formed outlook on life. This means that she is an independent and self-reliant person.

Moreover, the difference in views among friends in many cases allows both of them to think wider.

A good friend - what she is, how to understand

7. Decency

A decent friend will never flirt with your man – even when you are not around.

She is not alien to the concept of honor, she respects you, and therefore will never hurt you by having an affair with your chosen one.

8. Ability to keep secrets

By trusting a good friend with secrets, you can be sure she won’t gossip or embarrass you.

We all want to have only good and honest friends around. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your own behavior in friendship – and to meet the bar set for close friends yourself.

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