Yuri Borisov frank about himself: income, roles, teeth, plans

Recently a new interview was published on the vDud channel. The hero of the issue was 27-year-old Yuri Borisov, a fast-growing actor, with whom such films as the series “Peace! Friendship! Gum!” and the films T-34, Union of Salvation, Kalashnikov, Fairy, Dad, Bull, Outpost, Port, Exchange, and Invasion.

In the video, Yura shared his thoughts and intentions – we guarantee you will be surprised!

“Second Sasha Petrov” – how does Yura refer to this nickname?

Yuri Borisov
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For the sharp rise of Yura and the multitude of his projects, the man was nicknamed “the second Alexander Petrov” – he too suddenly became famous. Only recently, almost no one knew Sasha, and now he shines on all TV screens, cinemas, smartphones, posters with his face are hung everywhere and advertisements with him appear. Alexander Petrov is everywhere, and Yura Borisov is everywhere.

The hero of the interview himself reacts skeptically to the new nickname: “Well, it’s not so … Probably, it so happened that at some point Sasha did a lot of things, then at some point I did a lot, and people compared it … But now time will pass, people will observe and understand that we are still different. What does “New Petrov” mean in general? And Petrov is the new Kozlovsky? .. In short, all this is some kind of rubbish, in my opinion, ”he said.

Sacrifices for success: wanted to remove teeth for better reincarnations

Yuri Borisov 2
@ yura.borisov

Since Yura has not experimented with images for a long time and proudly shines with a bald head (over the past couple of years he has grown a maximum of about five millimeters of hair), his role narrows a little: the characters in the films must either go bald, or the actor will have to wear wigs – right now he is in search of a good master.

And this is not the end of his ideas! The actor is so concerned about not dwelling on one image and being a versatile artist that he even wanted to have his teeth removed!

“At some point I even thought about removing teeth and making pins, and inserting new teeth of different quality on them – not even necessarily some rotten, crooked, not so radical, simple: bigger, smaller, crooked, whiter , turn yellow. The jaw changes a person very much! If one tooth breaks off or falls out, this already changes something both in your sense of yourself and outwardly. Well, it’s the same with wigs and plastics, ”Yura shared.

Borisov with makeup
@ yura.borisov

Imagine how much the actor is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of high-quality transformations into films! True, this idea was never realized due to the unrealism of the idea:

“But I realized that this cannot be done. Now we were filming a film with a Finnish director, and I was thinking of removing a tooth so I could spit through the hole … I started to find out how I can remove it, then insert a new one, and I realized that it turned out to be so difficult! I thought it was much easier. Therefore, the idea of ​​teeth has somehow died in me. “

Drugs for the role: “All night I was sausage in the club and remembered how I felt”

But the actor’s fantasy did not end there either! When he played a drug addict in the film “Crystal” two years ago, in order to get used to the role, he tried illegal substances – just those that his hero used according to the script’s idea.

Borisov drugs
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“I understood that I needed to play it somehow, but I don’t understand how to play it. He tried to understand what kind of drug he had, what he was sitting on. Dasha and I [режиссёр картины] This was discussed, I asked friends from the 90s: who was sitting on what, what drugs were. As a result, I thought that the “screw” was the most suitable one, and that the entire film that we see is sitting on a marathon. Well, of course, I couldn’t get the “screw” anywhere, I got amphetamine. Well, I really didn’t want to do this, but I went to a club, sniffed amphetamine there and sausage there all night and remembered how I felt … But I don’t want to play drug addicts anymore, to be honest. Because it’s such a darkness that I don’t even want to get into, ”- confessed the laureate of the“ Golden Leaf ”award.

“The goal is to become a sought-after artist and move to the West”

“My shooting day is ideally 150 [тысяч рублей]”, – Yura stated in plain text. But in fact, according to him, he receives several times less, since more than half of the money then goes away as an investment for the development of the project.

“During that year, I earned at best eight million rubles, and maybe less … And that year was the most profitable in my life. I bought a new car – this is the maximum that happened in my life, ”the star boasted.

Yuri Borisov 3
@ yura.borisov

Of course, further – more, only now Borisov does not see the prospects for strong growth in earnings in the CIS countries. Only if you star in commercials for which he is not yet ready.

Based on this, we should wait for Yura on the foreign stage, where there are more ideological ideas, louder projects and higher rates for filming. A long time ago, the actor said: “The goal is to become a sought-after artist and move to the West.” Now his intentions have not changed.

“I have no goal to move and stay there, I just would not want to have boundaries in my work – to be able to work both there and there, and so that this number of proposals that are in the work, so that it is not limited to our country,” says “ Yurets “.

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