Zach Drapala Net Worth

Zach Drapala Net Worth – Video Game Analyst

Zach Drapala is a popular YouTube Game Analyst. He was born on December 13, 1989, in Michigan. Zach is a Sagittarius, and is single. He makes millions of dollars every month with his videos and podcasts. He is also known as GhostRobo. In March of 2014, he began doing podcasts for GameRiot. He then published a video called the “Holiday Gaming Challenge”.

zach drapala is a popular YouTube game analyzer

Zach Drapala is an American game analyzer who has become a YouTube sensation. He is best known for his video game commentary series known as GhostRobo. He began podcasting for GameRiot in March of 2014. He has two younger brothers named Noah and Jake.

he is single

Zach Drapala is a gamer and vlogger who has a net worth of $850,000. He is originally from Detroit, Michigan and currently resides in Indiana. He is widely known for his vlogs and plays various video games. His YouTube channel, GhostRobo, has been online since October 2010.

he is a Sagittarius

Zach Drapala is a Sagittarius who has a lot of positive qualities. He is the kind of person who likes to travel and has an open mind. As a Sagittarius, his greatest strength is his ability to translate his thoughts into action. He was born on December 13, 1989, in the United States. He has two younger brothers, named Noah and Jake.

he is a video blogger

Zach Drapala is a video blogger from the United States. He has gained popularity on YouTube and in the world of gaming. His video blogs are usually based around games and he has a large number of subscribers. Originally his channel was called SwitchForce, but he later changed his name to GhostRobo. In March 2014, he joined the podcast network GameRiot. His videos about games and movie reviews have earned him thousands of subscribers. His channel also includes taste tests and game walkthroughs. He recently entered the million-subscriber club on YouTube and recently competed against fellow YouTube Star Max Gonzalez in a holiday gaming challenge.

he has a Let’s Play gaming channel

Zach Drapala has a million-subscriber-plus gaming channel called GhostRobo. The channel provides video game commentary, and has also been known to give away free games to subscribers. It has also received legal attention from music labels. In a recent lawsuit, music label Ultra Records sued YouTuber Michelle Phan for using music from “GhostRobo” without permission.

he is worth millions

Zach Drapala is an American gamer and YouTuber. He is best known as GhostRobo and has a net worth of $850,000. His YouTube channel has over 1.8 million subscribers and has 650 million views. His videos are mostly about gaming. He earns $680 per day from ads. His videos are sponsored by companies such as DCUO.

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