15 interesting facts about the movie “Home Alone”

Exactly three decades ago, on November 16, 1990, a funny family story about a child accidentally forgotten by his parents at home for the holidays and forced to repulse a couple of unlucky robbers was released on the screens.

Who would have thought that “Home Alone” would become a movie classic? Today, not a single New Year and Christmas is complete without watching it. What facts about this film you may not know?


1. Without Uncle Buck, “one house” might not exist

John Hughes came up with a new script while working on “Uncle Buck” (1989). By the way, Macaulay Culkin also starred in it. There is a scene where Macaulay’s character interrogates a nanny candidate through the mail hole. In Home Alone, Culkin communicates with the robber in the same way, but through the door for the dogs.

2. Kevin McCallister’s character was created specifically for Culkin

Although director Chris Columbus looked over a hundred other tomboy candidates for the role, Culkin still got it.

3. Macaulay wasn’t the only Culkin to star in Home Alone

Alone at home

His brother Kieran played the role of Kevin Fuller, who wet his bed at night. It was the acting debut of the younger Culkin, and since then Kieran has been actively filming. And in 2019 and 2020, he was even nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.

4. Engaging Kieran Culkin on the set was a lesson for director Chris Columbus

When you take on working with a child actor, you also take on working with that child’s family. “I was much younger and more naive then, to think about the family atmosphere, – admitted in 2013 Columbus “We didn’t know much about the parents of the Kalkin brothers, and then we were simply shocked and horrified.”… In 1995, the parents of Macaulay and Kieran started a lawsuit over the income of their children.

5. “Home Alone” held the record for over 25 years

In the first weekend after the start of distribution, “Home Alone” earned more than $ 17 million. It became the most grossing film of the 1990s and was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest grossing comedy. Home Alone held the record for 27 years, but was surpassed by a Chinese film in 2017 Never Say Die (“Never give up”).

kevin 2

6. “Home Alone” became a franchise

The success of the original led to the creation of a full-fledged franchise with four sequels, three video games, two board games, one novelization, plus related products for children.

7. The McCallister movie family home has become a local landmark

It is located in the tiny town of Winnetka, Illinois. The kitchen, main staircase and ground floor landing shown in the film were filmed in it. The dining room and all other rooms are already studio filming. In 2012, John and Cynthia Abendshin, the owners of this iconic mansion, sold the property for $ 1.585 million.


8. Most of the movie was filmed in Chicago.

Everything was filmed in Chicago, and even Paris. Scenes from Paris Orly Airport were actually shot at Chicago O’Hare Airport, and the luxurious business class seats of the flight to Paris were built on the school basketball court – and the scene where Kevin runs through a flooded basement was filmed there (he was actually school pool).

9. Legendary Robert De Niro didn’t want to become Harry’s villain

Robert DeNiro

John Lovitz didn’t like the character either. Therefore, the role was taken by Joe Pesci, and it brought fame to the actor.

10. Joe Pesci absolutely got used to the role

For maximum reliability, Joe Pesci tried not to contact Culkin on the set, so that the boy was really afraid of him. Moreover, Joe Pesci still has a “battle” scar. When, according to the script, the hero of Culkin was hanged on a clothes hook, little Macaulay from fear at one of the rehearsals bit Pesci painfully.

11. In reality, the robbers Harry and Marv might not have survived Kevin’s antics

Pneumatic shots to the forehead and groin? A hot iron and a can of paint in your face? Blowtorch over your head? In reality, both robbers were soon to be unconscious and immediately hospitalized.

12. Broken jewelry that Marv steps on is the most harmless injury

“Barefoot over the splinters is still a minor injury compared to everything else that we have seen– said Dr. Ryan St. Clair, commenting on the characters’ injuries. – If I were in Marv’s place, I would be more worried about broken bones in my face. ” Fortunately, the toys were made from candy, but just in case, actor Daniel Stern wore rubber slippers when filming barefoot.

13. Tarantula on Marw’s face? Yes, he was real


It really was a spider, but Daniel Stern only agreed to one take. In order not to scare the spider, the actor had to imitate a cry, and the voice acting was done after.

14. Old Man Marley was not in the original script.

The scary old man next door was missing from the original script. His character was introduced later at the suggestion of the director, who wanted to add a little sentimentality to the film.

15. Elvis fans saw their idol in the film

No popular movie would be a hit without a little conspiracy theory. Fans of Elvis (who died in 1977) thought he was playing a cameo role in the film when Kevin’s mom was trying to get a ticket home. He has a beard and is standing in line behind her. Yes, Elvis is alive and makes a living as a Hollywood extra.

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