20 best comedies to laugh to tears – a list of foreign and Russian comedies

The best comedies to laugh heartilyComedy remains one of the favorite genres of cinema. Disconnecting from problems, gathering with the whole family or a group of friends on cozy sofas in front of a large TV, and laughing heartily – what could be better? A good comedy is not only a powerful wave of positive emotions in dull everyday life, but, quite often, an excuse to rethink your life.

To your attention – films, recognized as the most fun, warm and life-affirming!

Mouse hunt

Release year: 1997th.

Country: USA.

Key roles: N. Lane and Lee Evans.

Comedy Mouse HuntDaddy leaves for another world right before Christmas, leaving his sons his old dilapidated factory, a piece of twine and an ancient mansion in the city’s backyards. The financial situation of the brothers is worse day by day, but unexpected good news gives hope – the mansion is worth millions! True, he needs to be put in order for the auction.

The brothers go headlong into work, but the lonely tenant of the mansion, as old as the building itself, a tiny rodent, is against such a turn of events …

Christmas “black” comedy with a warm ending and unmatched acting.

Meet the parents

Release year: 2000th.

The country: USA.

Key roles: Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro.

Comedy Meet the ParentsA painting with a rather simple plot: nurse Gregory Faker wants to start a family with a charming teacher Pam. The only small obstacle and a necessary condition is to receive her father’s blessing.

Unsuspecting and determined, Greg arrives with Pam at her parents’ house, the Burns, where he finally learns what hell is.

A family film with high-quality acting, lots of funny moments and a positive ending.

The guy from our graveyard

Release year: 2015-th.

The country: Russia.

Key roles: Alexander Pal and Igor Zhizhikin.

Comedy The guy from our graveyardThe wallet is empty, debts are growing at an astronomical rate, the roof is leaking, there is no work.

But the provincial youth Kolya does not give up – he is packing his suitcase: the capital’s uncle offered him a simple and not dusty job in a cemetery on the outskirts of Moscow. Watchman.

True, 5 people escaped from this job in 2 weeks, without even taking their things, but Kolya is not one of the shy ones …

Mystical flair, caustic satire, a little bit of lyrics, skillful direction, competent editing and a native Russian atmosphere – modern Russian cinema, which will surely delight you.

Gender: Secret Material

Release year: 2011th.

The country: USA, UK.

Key roles: S. Pegg, N. Frost and S. Rogen.

Comedy Paul: The Secret MaterialTwo ordinary Englishmen (writer and artist) go to the American fiction fan festival ComicCon. On the way back, not far from the mysterious “Area 51”, they stop to dream about aliens as usual.

It is there that they meet Paul, a sarcastic and boorish colorful alien who has escaped from bloodthirsty government agents to return to his planet.

A funny, positive, sometimes frivolous movie about a dream come true, interplanetary mutual assistance and an eternal conflict on the topic “who created all life on Earth.”

The secrets of attractiveness

Release year: 2004th.

The country: Ireland, Germany and Great Britain.

Key roles: P. Brosnan and D. Moore.

Comedy Secrets of AttractionHe and she are lawyers. Real “sharks” of divorce cases with solid experience.

Once fate throws them a case that radically changes everyone’s life and pushes them not only in the courtroom …

Brilliant acting, a sea of ​​smiles, a fascinating storyline – a film that is worth watching at least once in your life.

Click: remote control for life

Release year: 2006th.

The country: USA.

Key roles: Adam Sandler, K. Beckinsale and Christopher Walken.

Comedy Click: remote control for lifeMichael is a workaholic architect. From year to year he is waiting for the promised promotion, depriving the family of attention, but the authorities still leave him behind. Nerves are at the limit, and then, as luck would have it, the TV remote control got lost.

Angry Michael goes to the store, where the “salesman” solemnly and in an atmosphere of “strict secrecy” hands him the “latest development” – a universal remote control that allows you to rewind even his own life.

A comedy with a deep meaning – how far we are ready to go in pursuit of a career, and how difficult it is to return everything that we miss in this mad, senseless race for money.

Million years BC

Release year: 2004th.

The country: France.

Key roles: M. Fois, J. Depardieu, D. Jouyraud.

Comedy Million BCLong ago, back in prehistoric times, the two tribes clashed over a secret shampoo formula owned by the Pure Hair Tribe while the neighboring tribe itched and groaned in the mud.

Once a terrible thing happened: the first murder of a person in history was committed …

A comedy with a simple plot and a complete lack of meaning, but ridiculously ridiculous and long gone for quotes. “Turn off the light!”

Analyze it

Release year: 1999th.

The country: Australia, USA.

Key roles: R. De Niro, B. Crystal.

Comedy Analyze ItBen is an ordinary harmless psychoanalyst. He tries to help everyone, regardless of whether it seems to him that life is over, or that he shits with trout.

Paul Vitti is a well-known gangster who is beginning to be suspected of depression. He urgently needs the help of the “shrink” so that the gangsters do not gobble him up for “weakness of character.”

A light crime comedy with interesting plot twists, humorous dialogues – and, of course, the brilliant performance of De Niro and Crystal.


Release year: 2013th.

The country: USA, France.

Key roles: R. De Niro, M. Pfeiffer.

Comedy MalavitaAnd again – the brilliant De Niro in the role of the mafioso! True, the plot is already different, but no less exciting.

The Blake family moves to a quiet French town – the writer, his wife, children and the dog Malawita. The father of the family is a former head of the mafia who, under the witness protection program, is hiding with the help of the authorities from Cosa Nostra.

And all would be fine, but the members of the “writer” family are the same apples that fall near the apple tree …

An excellent movie that will not let you get bored!

Love and pigeons

Release year: 1984-th.

The country: THE USSR.

Key roles: Alexander Mikhailov, N. Doroshina, S. Yursky, N. Tenyakova and L. Gurchenko.

Comedy Love and DovesA timeless painting to watch over and over again! A film that doesn’t even get old quotes!

A simple plot and fantastic acting, subtle humor, rural romance, close and understandable to every Russian person – only positive emotions!

The mirror has two faces

Release year: 1996th.

The country: USA.

Key roles: B. Streisand and D. Bridges.

Comedy The mirror has two facesGregory is a boring mathematician at the university. Rose is an intelligent and humble literary woman. Both of them believe that feelings and sex in a relationship is unnecessary. Enough respect and simple friendship.

It is with this attitude that they marry. But over time, Rose realizes that feelings (like everything else) are not even alien to her, and the theory of a spouse in love with mathematics gives a powerful crack …

Classics of the genre! A stunning melodramatic and tragicomic picture with an extravagant actress who also worked as a director in this movie.


Release year: 2003rd.

The country: Italy, France.

Key roles: J. Depardieu and J. Renault.

UnluckyAfter squeezing money from the mafia and hiding it securely, Ruby goes to jail, where she meets Quentin.

With his help, Ruby gets out into the wild, dreaming of avenging the death of her beloved woman …

One of the funniest comedies that definitely deserves its place of honor in the personal film library of each viewer.


Release year: 2003rd.

The country: USA.

Key roles: B. Stiller and D. Barrymore.

Comedy DuplexHow long Nancy and Alex dreamed of their own apartment! And now the dream is finally coming true – 2-storey apartments, a cozy area, plans for a serene life together.

Only one nuance: the decrepit old woman above them is not going to move anywhere. But the spouses are not discouraged – sooner or later, the harmful old woman, for quite natural reasons, will leave for the next world.

However, no one is going to die. Moreover, the neighbor brings the newlyweds to a state where the thought of a killer does not cause laughter …

Great picture for a Sunday night!

Shirley Myrley

Release year: 1995th.

The country: Russia.

Key roles: V. Garkalin and V. Alentova, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Igor Ugolnikov, Inna Churikova, Oleg Tabakov and many other wonderful actors.

Shirley-myrley comedyAn incredibly funny movie about triplets separated as children. The first becomes a gypsy baron, the second – a famous musician, the third – an authoritative thief.

Or more brothers?

An antidepressant film that should be “taken” every 2-3 years in case of an acute shortage of kind, light, funny.


Release year: 2009th.

The country: USA.

Key roles: S. Bullock and R. Reynolds.

Comedy ProposalThe harsh boss, affectionately referred to by all employees as a bitch, is threatened by the authorities with expulsion to Canada.

To stay at her job, the “bitch” is ready for anything. She actually forces her young assistant to marry her, and the fictitious marriage does not scare her.

The assistant, who dreams of a promotion, agrees, but on his own terms. Laughing slyly and feeling “on horseback”, he takes her to meet her parents, who must believe that their feelings are real.

A rare piece of luck for this very hackneyed plot – a funny and surprisingly kind movie with great humor.

After sunset

Release year: 2004th.

The country: USA.

Key roles: P. Brosnan, S. Hayek and V. Harrelson.

Comedy After SunsetA professional thief decided to quit crime. Having successfully done the last thing, he goes with his beloved woman to the island of paradise.

But a cunning and cunning FBI agent follows in his footsteps. He does not believe in the pure intentions of a robber by vocation and dreams of catching him by the hand in stealing.

An easy and fun comedy that you will definitely want to watch again!


Release year: 2001-th.

The country: Japan, France.

Key roles: J. Renault, R. Hirosue and M. Müller.

Wasabi comedyOnce upon a time, a policeman from France Hubert was in love with a beautiful Japanese girl.

20 years later, he learns that the Japanese woman not only gave birth to his daughter, but also deposited $ 200 million stolen from the Japanese yakuza into her account.

A film that will not disappoint – funny, bright, beautiful and dynamic.


Release year: 1998th.

The country: France.

Key roles: S. Naseri, F. Difental and M. Cotillard.

Comedy TaxiA painting with biting French humor, pursuits and an interesting plot.

The meeting of a taxi driver-racer with a policeman turns into a strong friendship. Now they will fight shoulder to shoulder against bandits, robbers and the mafia.

It remains only to find time for love (where is without it in French cinema).

A high-quality film in 4 parts, which fell to the taste of all viewers, without exception. The very case when each subsequent part of the film is no less interesting than the previous one.

Night at the Museum

Release year: 2006th.

The country: USA, UK.

Key roles: B. Stiller, D. Cherry, R. Williams, Owen Wilson et al.

Comedy Night at the MuseumIn the process of looking for a job, the protagonist finds himself in a museum for the vacancy of a “night watchman”. Not work – beauty! Sit yourself, rest, don’t let anyone into the museum, relax. Seemingly.

If only he knew what happens here at night …

A boring plot, revived exhibits, good humor, excellent special effects – a family comedy, positive from all sides!

Recommended for viewing with children.

The warmth of our bodies

Release year: 2013th.

The country: USA, Canada.

Key roles: Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer.

Comedy The Heat Of Our BodiesThe zombie apocalypse is far from a fresh idea. But zombie love …

The world is on the verge of extinction, the half-dead wander the earth in search of food, and the touching “R” saves his “supper” (a beautiful blonde) and hides it in an abandoned plane. Because zombies want love too.

A kind, honest film with humor about the end of the world, which can still be turned back. Make fun of yourself and be horrified at your health!

And watching what cool comedies do you like to laugh heartily?

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