5 Ways to Display Art in Your Home

Are you a lover of art but not sure how to display it?

You work hard to collect beautiful pieces to add a personal touch to your home and make it a place you truly love spending time in. But a stunning painting or interesting sculpture doesn’t have to be limited to your studio or a special room.

Knowing how to showcase art in your home can make your space feel more eclectic and unique. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Check out these creative ways to display art collections.

1. Enhancing With Shelving and Frames

When using shelves, you can arrange the pieces in any order you like, giving the art an extra element of drama and allowing for a more curated presentation. Adding frames to the pieces, like acrylic box frames for artists, can create a more unified look and can help to draw attention to the artwork.

Before displaying the art, consider how the shelf and frames can help to enhance the aesthetic of the artwork and how the pieces should ideally be displayed.

2. Maximizing With Floating Wall Art

Easy to install, you will add some drama to your new décor, as it will look like the piece is floating off the wall. You can even hang the piece from the ceiling and make it an eye-catching centerpiece.

Plus, hanging the piece will draw more attention to the wall, ideal for when you want to display multiple pieces without having to worry about them clashing. With a range of sizes available, you will be able to pick something to suit any style.

3. Showcasing With a Gallery Wall

Start by deciding where you would like to place it. Hang up a central “anchor” piece and then build the wall outwards and upwards from there. Make sure to leave enough breathing room around each piece and hang artwork at least 60 cm from the ceiling.

Opt for frames with consistent size, style, and color – even in a mix of tones of the same color. You can also choose to display artwork in a pattern, alternating between portrait and landscape pieces for a dynamic look.

4. Utilizing Unused Wall Space With Wall Hangings

Wall hangings come in a variety of styles and sizes, allowing you to easily fit them into any unused space. They can easily be swapped out to keep the look of a room light and airy. Whether the piece is a painting, a tapestry, an embroidery, or a photograph, the wall hangings allow you to showcase your favorite pieces of art and make the perfect statement in any room.

5. Adding Dimensions With Mirror Art

Mirrors can turn a small space into a work of art. Consider placing your framed mirror art near windows so that it reflects sunlight, adding more brightness to the room. You can also use adhesive mirror stickers to mimic the abstract shapes of a painting for a modern, eye-catching effect.

Take it to the next level by placing artwork behind a mirror so the glass amplifies the shadow and adds an extra dimension to the piece.

Try These Ways to Display Art in Your Home Today

You can create a beautiful canvas of art within your home and express yourself in creative and unique ways. Avoid making your home look cluttered with too much artwork, and remember to leave room for personalization.

So experiment and find the best ways to display art that will enhance your living space!

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