7 secrets of raising an obedient child – how to make a child obedient

All parents at some time have to solve the problem of how to raise an obedient child. And the sooner they begin to educate their child, the better it will be for everyone.

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A child who disobeys parents and caregivers brings a lot of unpleasant worries, and not only relatives, but even passers-by on the street. Those kids who grew up in perfect freedom cannot discriminate between what they are allowed to do and what is not.

The upbringing process is very long. Therefore, if you want your child to only please you with his actions and behavior, and not upset you, then be patient


Seven main parenting secrets to help you find rapport with your offspring and tell you how to teach your child to be obedient:

  • Act consistently in your upbringing. That is, if a ban was introduced on something, for example – not to leave the yard, or not to run out into the street after the ball, then it must be observed every day, without giving indulgences. Children, in fact, are very good psychologists, and they will instantly understand where mom and dad are giving up, and this also applies to the established rules. And, as soon as they feel this, they will begin to believe that it is not necessary to follow the rules, accordingly, all prohibitions can be violated. That is why teaching a child to be obedient must be consistent.


  • Be firm and affectionate at the same time. As practice shows, it is very difficult to bring up children with just one cry, and even more so – with anger. In order for a little man to develop obedience skills, he must know that he is loved, and that they are punished not out of hatred, but out of love for him. Emphasize love, attention and affection, but be firm in your convictions. This will show your child that you love him dearly and that you know how he feels, but he will still have to follow the established rules.


  • Become an example for your children. Many parents are racking their brains over the question of how to make a child obedient, while they do not want to change their habits and established way of life. But they forget that the child does not perceive any moral teachings as the personal example of the parents. Research shows that kids are very sensitive at a very early age. And so they try to subconsciously imitate the closest adults they see every day and whom they most trust – their parents. And therefore, it is very important that the parents behave as they should, become a good example for the child. Without exception, all the rules that are established for children must be impeccably followed by adults. For example, if the father smokes, then it will be very difficult for the child to explain why it is harmful and why it should not be done.


  • Punish appropriately. Every year the children grow up and constantly try to find new activities for themselves – thus, figuring out what is allowed to do and what is not. Adequate punishment for the child’s misconduct should be determined. For example, if a child has committed a minor offense, there is no need not to talk to him for three days, it is better to show that it is unpleasant for you. You can not intimidate a child, it will not do him good. Just make it clear that all the rules set by the parents must be followed, otherwise there will be punishment. See also: How to raise children without punishment – 12 basic principles of parenting without punishment.


  • Develop a reward system. How to Raise an Obedient Child – Encourage him by noticing even the smallest victories and positive changes in his behavior. If your baby is obedient, not capricious, does not break the rules and fulfills your requirements, then encourage him in any way – with an affectionate word or praise. In this case, the child will have a good incentive to be obedient, he will know that he is acting correctly, and then he will act correctly, including to justify your trust. It is especially pleasant for children when parents say that they are proud of them. And – remember: such an explanation, familiar to many adults, “It should be done!” – It does not work! Take your time and effort, and explain to your son or daughter in detail and in detail where this or that rule came from. And even if the child does not understand something, he still will not be harmful, because he will feel that you are interested in him. And most likely, he himself will ask if something is not clear.


  • Reward your child correctly. Even for adults, rewards are a great incentive to work harder and harder. This also applies to children. To make your child behave obediently for a while, you can tell in advance what awaits him. For example, it can be a trip to the cinema for a new cartoon, to the zoo, new toys, sweets, access to computer games, etc. But in order to get it, he must fulfill your requirements. This method works well, however – do not overuse, as the child will be obedient only for a “bribe” in the form of a pleasant gift.


  • And finally – you must adhere to the chosen line of upbringing, think in the same way in your spouse and all grandparents, aunts and uncles. Otherwise, your offspring will take a bad fashion to manipulate. A husband and wife should support each other in everything, even if they think completely differently, or even if they are divorced. How to bring up children, it is necessary to negotiate necessarily in their absence. The child will be obedient only if both mom and dad are in authority. See also: Tricks of a Child Manipulator – How to Raise Child Manipulators?


And remember – an obedient child can grow up only in the family where he is loved, and everything is done for his good!

How do you bring up your child? Does everything work out in education, and what are the mistakes? Share your stories in the comments below!

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