Aiza Anokhina accused Anastasia Ivleeva of star illness

How did it happen that the seemingly harmless joke of Aiza Anokhina was perceived as a reason for criticizing Anastasia Ivleeva? It turns out that the ex-wife of Gufa believes that, despite careful work on herself, the “village essence” will never disappear from Ivleeva.

It all started not with Nastya, but with her friend

Aiza Anokhina is very responsible for her reputation and very rarely comes into conflict with any of the celebrities, and almost never speaks out to them first, if it does not concern people close to her.

But this time Isa reacted sharply to the ironic statement of Yulia Koval in her direction. The fact is that Yulia published a joint photo with her friend Anastasia Ivleeva on her Instagram account and asked the fans if they wanted to see them as hosts of one program, comparing this potential program with Anokhina’s project on the STS TV channel. The survey had two answers: “Oh God, yes!” and “Aiza is super”.

insta screen

“The village and the grandmother on the benches. 2020 version “

However, Anokhina did not find it funny. On her blog, she posted a screenshot of Koval’s post, noting that any person from the village can be brought to the city, worked on his style and made famous, but “The village inside will last forever.” “I hope I’m wrong and it just seemed to me” – added the designer.

Aiza Anokhina

The girl also believes that Ivleeva is staring, and she does not even know Julia:

“I don’t know anything about Koval, or whatever. But I know for sure that it’s time for Nastya to feel the ground under her feet. Expensive clothes will not make a trash person. Everyone in a row is humiliated and hooked. The village and the grandmother on the bench. The 2020 version, ”wrote Isa.

We will remind that recently Anastasia was convicted of excessive boasting of a luxurious life: the blogger does not hesitate to name luxury brands of his clothes and actively shows details of his expensive trips in stories.

In response to the hate, the presenter noted that this is normal. She stated that, like all girls, she just wants to share new purchases and happy moments with the “girlfriends” who follow her Instagram. The 29-year-old actress stressed that this is one of the ways to get motivation to develop further and comprehend new heights.

Nastya Ivleeva 2

The result of the conflict: “both joy and tears” Anokhina

Despite the misunderstanding, it seems that everything ended well: as a sign of reconciliation, Anastasia and Koval visited Aiza Anokhina’s Style Laboratory. Bloggers posted happy photos from there with captions “Let’s live together!” and “Well, as they say,” AIZA Super! “ girls! Glad to meet you and new marigolds. “

ivleeva and anokhin

The owner of the named establishment obviously liked this excuse to forget all the grievances.

“Every day, it’s joy or tears. And then there is joy and tears, ”Anokhina wrote in her account.

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