Antony Santos Net Worth

How Much is Antony Santos Worth?

If you’re wondering how much Antony Santos is worth, you’ve come to the right place. The musician’s net worth is estimated to reach PS2,484,560 by 2022. However, we can’t be sure of his current salary or where he gets his money from. We do know that he plays the guira in bachata, and that he has tattoos. But what about his girlfriend?

Antony Santos was a guira player in bachata

Dominican guira player Antony Santos was one of the most popular guira players of the 1990s. His style was influenced by merengue and bachata and his rhythmic patterns became a standard in the genre. He was the first rural bachatero to reach a mainstream audience. His softer, more romantic lyrics were more socially acceptable than the bawdy music that had dominated the genre before. As a result, Santos became one of the genre’s most popular guira players and helped bring the genre into the mainstream.

Santos began playing guira around 1989 and began performing with other artists. He has played with many different artists and groups since then, including Romeo Rodriguez. In addition to being a guira player in a bachata band, Santos has also performed solo.

Antony Santos is a bachata musician

Antony Santos is a well-known bachata musician from the Dominican Republic. He has redefined the genre by adding new instruments and romantic lyrics. His music has been praised by audiences around the world. You can catch his live concerts in your area by searching for tickets on StubHub.

Santos has influenced a generation of bachata musicians. His cousin Raphy Santos is also a bachata artist. Santos has performed with the Aventura group and he has also collaborated with other bachata artists.

Antony Santos has tattoos

The Brazilian footballer Antony Santos has several tattoos on his body. One of the tattoos that he has on his right sleeve is a cub lion and the number 39. Another tattoo that he has on his back features a silhouette of a child juggling a football. While these tattoos are not the only ones that he has on his body, they have a very special meaning to the footballer.

Antony Santos is a proud Christian and is married to Rosilene Xavier. They have one son, Lorenzo, who was born in November of 2019. Whether it is the birth of his son that influenced Antony Santos’ tattoos or the fact that he’s a proud father, he clearly loves his faith.

Antony Santos has a girlfriend

Antony Santos has been linked with several women. Rumors and online dating sites suggest he has dated a Brazilian woman named Vanessa Godin. The couple have a son named Lorenzo. Their relationship began when Antony was drafted into the first team of Sao Paulo.

Antony is a star of the Brazilian football team and a rising star. He was named to the Brazil under-23 team in 2020. He played every game and was part of the squad that won the tournament. In October 2021, he made his international debut for the national team against Venezuela.

Antony Santos has a wife

Antony Santos has a wife named Rosilene Xavier. They have been together since the days when Antony was a youth football player in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The couple shares one beautiful son, Lorenzo. Antony and his wife are devoted to their family.

Antony Santos is a Brazilian professional footballer. His wife, Rosilene Silva, is a beautiful woman who is a role model for his younger brother. The two met when he was playing for the youth team of Sao Paulo, Brazil. They got married in a private ceremony. Rosilene is one year older than Antony and has three children.

Antony Santos has a child

Football star Antony Santos and his wife Roseline have a son. The couple has been together since they were teenagers in Brazil. They first began dating while Antony was learning the ropes as a football player in a youth team. They married in private, and have a child, Lorenzo.

Antony and his wife have been married for about five years. Rosilene Xavier was his childhood sweetheart and the two were married in a private ceremony with family and friends. Since then, the couple have been together and have a beautiful child.

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