Artificial or live Christmas trees – which tree to choose for the New Year?

Soon, soon the New Year … And it’s time to decide – where exactly, with whom and, most importantly, how to celebrate this best holiday in the world. Regardless of the place of celebration, creating a New Year’s atmosphere in the house is the primary task. And the first thing that should be taken care of is the Christmas tree, under which the main grandfather of the country will store his numerous gifts.

Which Christmas tree is better – lively, fragrant, or artificial and practical?
Which tree is better for the New Year - artificial or real

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Artificial Christmas trees – pros and cons

Of course, the aroma of live needles by itself creates Christmas mood… But more and more often today we buy just artificial Christmas trees.


How to choose a beautiful and safe artificial Christmas tree – basic rules
Which tree is better for the New Year - artificial or real

Artificial Christmas trees – benefits

  • Wide range of. Artificial Christmas trees differ in color (green, silver, white, etc.) in size and “fluffiness”, according to the type of attachment of branches with a trunk (collapsible, in different versions, and not collapsible), are divided into ordinary and LED (for the latter, the garland is not needed), differ in completeness – with tinsel and toys or without them.
  • Life time. The artificial beauty will not have to be thrown away a week after the holiday – it will last from 5 to 10 years. Hence the third plus follows – savings in the family budget.
  • Convenience of storage. The Christmas tree can be carefully disassembled and hidden in the mezzanine until the next holiday.
  • Ease of installation. There is no need to look for a bucket, pour sand into it or pour water into it – just stick all the branches into the trunk and set the Christmas tree on a stand.
  • No need to shake out Christmas tree needles from carpets until spring and drive away pets from the fragrant symbol of the new year.
  • Ecology. By buying an artificial Christmas tree, you keep several alive (one for each year).
  • Fire safety. The live tree lights up instantly. Artificial (if it is of high quality) – it is created from fireproof materials.
  • You can buy a Christmas tree in early December (and “live” Christmas tree bazaars will open no earlier than December 20th).

Which tree is better for the New Year - artificial or real

Artificial Christmas tree – cons

  • No pine needles aroma. The problem can be solved simply – buy a pair of spruce paws for “aroma” or use aromatic oil.
  • Price. It will be quite tall for a solid fluffy tree. But if you divide the amount by several years, it will still be profitable.
  • If several branch parts are lost or damaged it will be impossible to collect a full-fledged beauty for the next holiday. Therefore, it is important to follow the rules for its storage and assembly / disassembly.
  • Toxicity of substandard products. PVC, which is commonly used in Christmas trees, contains harmful lead compounds and releases phosgene when heated. Therefore, it is unreasonable to take a Christmas tree according to the “cheaper” principle. Health is more expensive.

Live Christmas trees for the New Year – the advantages and disadvantages of a real tree

Anyone who cannot imagine the New Year without a living tree will say that its main plus is freshness and incomparable smell of pine needles… That is why, even in the absence of funds for the Christmas tree, many buy spruce branches – so that at least a small piece of this fairy tale, but was present.

How to choose and install a live Christmas tree at home correctly?
Which tree is better for the New Year - artificial or real

In addition to the aroma, the pluses of a living green beauty include:

  • Creating a truly New Year’s atmosphere at home
  • Traditional, incredible pleasant ritual of decorating the Christmas treebringing family members closer together.
  • No problems with storing the Christmas tree (there will be no extra boxes on the mezzanine).
  • Bactericidal properties and other properties. The pine scent soothes the nervous system, fights tubercle bacillus, and is used in the treatment of seasonal respiratory diseases.
  • An effective mask can be made from Christmas tree needles for hair or a paste for compresses for colds.

Which tree is better for the New Year - artificial or real

Disadvantages of a live tree

  • The smell won’t last that longas we would like.
  • Crumbling needles
  • Chopping wood for smell and naturalness – inhumane business
  • Dump of spruce “corpses” after the holidays – depressing sight
  • Unfair seller can sell you an old tree (signs – fragility of branches, a black border of several cm on the trunk cut, the absence of an oily mark on the fingers after rubbing the needles with your fingers), and the tree will “wither” very quickly.
  • Obligatory carewhich requires patience – a special solution, clean sand, regular spraying with water.
  • Fire hazard… Especially carefully you should choose a place for a Christmas tree if there are kids and four-legged human friends in the house.
  • Complex installation.
  • Given the limited number of outlets selling Christmas trees and the start of sales (after December 20th), you can simply do not have time to buy it.
  • The fluffiness of the Christmas tree does not depend on your desires – will have to choose from what is. And the presentation of the trees after transportation leaves much to be desired.
  • It is very difficult to transport the tree.
    Which tree is better for the New Year - artificial or real

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And which Christmas tree do you choose for the New Year – artificial or live? Share your opinion with us!

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