Bangs for medium, short, long hair – fashionable hairstyles with bangs

The image of a woman does not tolerate monotony. Just a few scissors movements can change the image itself, the shape of the face and even the shape of a woman’s eyes. But if you are going to make a fashionable bang, then you should measure your desires and the possible result. So what kind of bangs are there?

The content of the article:

  1. Fashionable hairstyles with long bangs
  2. Curled and inverted bangs
  3. Side bangs swing
  4. Oblique bangs options
  5. Straight bangs

Trendy hairstyles with long bangs – stylish and elegant bangs for long hair

If you want to radically change your hairstyle, then your choice can be stopped on a fashionable hairstyle with long bangs.

  • This fringe looks stylish if you have long hair.
  • Long bangs create a little volume for long hair and make styling easier – all you have to do is wash and dry your hair naturally, while brushing the bangs upward to lift the hair at the roots.
  • This effect of volume and fluffiness will look very impressive on both light and dark hair.
  • Do not forget that hair can also be modified. Curled hair is very fashionable today, when the bangs remain straight – it looks spectacular.
  • You should also pay attention to such a trend as highlighting bangs. For long bangs, both coloring and highlighting are suitable.

Curled and inverted bangs on long to medium hair

Many people don’t like long bangs, so they opt for curled or inverted bangs.


  • These bangs are suitable for both long-haired and girls with medium hair length.
  • A hairstyle with curled bangs is ideal for curly hair, so girls with such hair can safely choose this type of bangs.
  • Such bangs are simple to create: wet bangs dry naturally, and the ends of the hair curl outward (it is most convenient to do this with a round comb).
  • In order to give your hairstyle chic, you should use a curling iron – curl large curls and roll your bangs so that the ends are slightly curled. This look always looks impressive.

Side swing bangs – for short, medium and long hair

A very stylish option that became fashionable in the middle of the last century and has not become obsolete until now.


  • Side swing bangs for short hair. This image can be safely considered a classic. It looks presentable and makes the look more stylish. A hairstyle with such bangs provides expressiveness to the eyes, and clarity to the cheekbones. The most important thing in this hairstyle is volume. You need to dry with a hair dryer and a special brush, as well as with mousse or hair foam. Then the hairstyle will delight you all day long.
  • Side swing bangs for medium hair. Do not think that this bang is only suitable for short hair. On medium to long hair, it looks just as good. The only thing to keep in mind when cutting is volume. Many girls make a stylish “ladder”, which is combined with a “swing” bangs.
  • Side swing bangs for long hair. This hairstyle will also look great only if you can maintain the volume of your hair at all times.

Side bangs options for long and short hairstyles

Oblique bangs are a great option for girls who dream of highlighting their eyes and cheekbones. So what’s so special about this bang and what oblique bangs are there for long and short hair?


  • Smooth oblique bangs. This haircut is perfect for both long and short hair. She attracts attention by completely changing the face due to asymmetry. This bang also requires volume, but in this case it will be enough to twist the bangs at the roots in the direction where the hair is longer.
  • “Torn” oblique bangs – a very fashionable option, although not everyone. The bottom line is that the edge of the bangs does not go exactly along the ruler, and some small strands are knocked out of the general order. With highlighting or coloring, this hairstyle looks even more spectacular.

Straight bangs – are straight bangs relevant today, and who do they go to?

To date, girls have already lost the habit of such bangs, however, they are still in vogue.


  • Straight bangs are suitable for girls with long straight hair, as well as those who often curl it. Straight bangs and curled hair are a very trendy combination today.
  • If you have a very wide forehead, then straight bangs will be an assistant in correcting the shape of your face (you can make it narrower).

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