Best dad and baby games – 10 games for dad with baby under 3

At any age, a child needs communication not only with his mother, but also with his father. But in each period of growing up, this communication looks different. From an early age, the dialogue between children and parents takes place in a playful way.

What can dad do for a child when he is alone with him?
The best dad and baby games for up to 3 years old

From birth to three years old, the kid will be interested in the following games:

  • Toy in the palm
    At the age of 8-9 months, when the little man already knows how to grab a variety of objects, he will play this game with interest. Take a small toy, show it to your baby, then hold it in the palm of your hand. Move it discreetly to the other palm. Open the palm where the object was hidden, show that there is nothing in it. Ask, where is the toy? And here she is! – and open your other palm.
    The best dad and baby games for up to 3 years old
    Such “hide and seek” in the palm of your hand are, besides entertaining, also cognitive in nature, if you name the items that you are going to hide. You can take toys of various sizes: which fit in the palm of your hand and which do not fit there. Thus, the child will become familiar with the size and size of the objects around him.
  • “Ku-ku”
    This game is loved by all one-year-olds. At first, you can simply cover your face with your palms, and then, opening it, it is fun to say “cuckoo”. Then complicate things a little: hide around the corner, and appear at different heights or put a towel into the game – cover yourself or your baby with it and let the little one look for you on its own.
  • Ball games
    Such a game with a big ball will not only be interesting for the baby, but also useful for his health. The kid lies with his stomach on the ball, and dad rolls it back, forward, left, right.
    The best dad and baby games for up to 3 years old
    Thus, the child’s abdominal muscles are strengthened and the lungs are developed. See also: Fitball gymnastics for babies is an undeniable benefit.
  • Bumps
    Dad puts the baby on his lap. Begins to read a rhyme, for example, “Clubfoot Bear” by Agniya Barto. Instead of “a bump suddenly fell,” say “Boo!” A bump fell ”and on the word“ boo ”the baby falls between daddy’s knees. Naturally, dad is holding the child with his hands at this time.
  • Pyramid
    Toddlers just love this game. At first, they string rings on the base in a chaotic manner, but most importantly, they grasp the essence of the game. Then the children (at the age of 1.5 – 2 years old) learn, thanks to their dad, who tells which ring to take, to fold the pyramid from the larger ring to the smaller one. Dad can show how to check if the pyramid is correctly folded by tactile method, by touch (the pyramid will be smooth). With the help of the finger method (tactile), it is easier for the kid to remember the essence of the game than visually.
    The best dad and baby games for up to 3 years old
    By playing with the pyramid, you can learn colors. First, tell us where the color is, and then ask the kid to submit the ring of the indicated color. And if you have two identical pyramids, then you can take a red, blue or green ring and ask the child to find the same in another pyramid. See also: The best educational games and toys for children under one year old.
  • Cubes
    The funnest part of building a brick tower is when it collapses. But first, the kid needs to be taught to build it correctly: from the largest cube to the smallest. The first cubes should be soft so that the child does not get hurt. In such a game, children develop logical and spatial thinking. See also: Rating of educational toys for children from 2 to 5 years old.
  • Tactile contact
    Touching play is very important for your baby. They give a feeling of emotional calmness. Play “magpie – crow”, when dad leads the baby on the palm of the hand with the words: “magpie – the crow cooked porridge, fed the children … etc.”, and then bends and unbends the child’s fingers, “okay” is actually a finger massage … Or “horned goat”, where in the words “gore, gore” you can tickle the baby.
    The best dad and baby games for up to 3 years old
    Or another option for tired dads with minimal energy consumption. Daddy lie down on the floor, on his back. The child lies on his father’s chest across his back. And it rolls down on dad, like a log, from chest to knees and back. On the way back, dad bends his knees, and the baby quickly finds himself at dad’s chin. Most likely, the child will like it very much, and he will want to continue the game. This is both a game and a wonderful massage for both dad and toddler.
  • Charger
    If your baby is too active, then physical exercises: squats, jumps, bends will help direct energy in a useful direction. It’s good if dad plays active games with the child on the street.
    The best dad and baby games for up to 3 years old
    You can learn to ride a bicycle or scooter, hang on a horizontal bar or climb a ladder.
  • Casting games
    Girls, most likely, will be interested in the game “sick and doctor”, “tea drinking dolls”, and boys in the game of superhero or car racing of the villain and the police. You can play out the plot of a fairy tale that the child knows well. For example, “Zaykina hut”, “Kolobok”, etc.
  • Reading of books
    There is nothing more entertaining and informative than reading fairy tales or easy-to-remember rhymes and at the same time looking at pictures. This is best done before bed. Thanks to books, the child learns the world, because dad will tell what kind of object is drawn in the picture and what it is for.
    The best dad and baby games for up to 3 years old
    Kids listen to interesting fairy tales and rhymes with pleasure, remember them, thereby developing their memory. And having memorized the rhyme, the child will recite it with pleasure, thereby improving his speech.

Dad and baby games allow develop memory, imagination, social skills of the kid, as well as self confidence and the realization that the people most dear to him will always understand and support him. And in the future he will create the same friendly, strong and loving family.

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