Big 30 Net Worth

Despite being arrested for felony drug offenses, rapper Big 30 has built quite a substantial net worth. He was traveling from Atlanta to Memphis when cops pulled him over. He was found with controlled substances, $17,000 in cash, and stacked Glock 40 handguns. He is a proud father and a successful rapper. According to his wiki, Big is a proud father and works as a singer.

The net worth of Big30, an artist/rap group, is $1.2 million. This is a significant amount for a teenager, but many people don’t realize his net worth is much greater. The rapper was arrested multiple times, including in October 2020 as he was traveling from Atlanta to Memphis. He was found with $17,000 in cash, controlled drugs, and a stacked Glock 40 pistol. The arrest will have an impact on his income.

The rapper has earned a net worth of $400 thousand dollars as of late, despite his arrest. Although he has had some hits, he is not yet a major artist. He has millions of fans and has made millions of dollars through his music. His net worth is expected to continue rising in the years ahead, so make sure to visit his website for the most recent updates.

Big30 has a high net worth despite being arrested for felony drug charges. He is still a rising star in rap, but he is far from making it big with a single song. His net worth is expected to reach $400 million by 2022, which will likely double by then. He could easily triple his net worth if he has more rap hits.

BIG30’s net worth will reach $400 million by 2021. He is a rising rap star whose first album was released in 2010. His net worth will likely reach $400 million by then. He is only 21 years old and is well on his way to becoming a $10 Millionaire. Nevertheless, he has already earned hundreds of thousands of dollars. Aarena is his girlfriend. Their relationship dates back to late 2016, but they have remained secretive. The rapper has announced that he and Aarena will welcome their first child in August 2021, Ryleigh Armani Wright.

The rapper has a net worth of around $2 million. His music is the basis of his earnings. He is signed to N-Less Entertainment. He has appeared on many songs including “Pooh ShiesTY.” He has a daughter, Aarena, with his girlfriend. Their relationship is private. The rap star has no previous relationships, and he has not revealed the name of his girlfriend or wife.

Despite his young age, Big 30 has a very high net worth. Although his music has a lot of fans, his net worth is still in its early stages. He is only 22 years old and still developing his career. He earns $350 thousand per year. His popularity and income have been fueled by his fame. Rap music by the singer has reached the top of the charts in the UK, and is very popular in the US.

Although Big30’s net worth remains a mystery, there are many things you should consider. The rapper is a high-profile musician with a massive fan following. His net worth is not known, although he is a rap star. He is often seen with stacks of cash and inside luxurious cars. He is a very successful rapper. He has a very lucrative career, but is he a good father?

Big 30’s net worth is only an estimate based on the income that he earns from his music. He is a young rapper with a huge fan base, and he has a modest networth. His music is his passion and his personal life is his focus. He has not yet made a lot of money through his music. His popularity is increasing, and his networth is steadily growing.

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