Bilal Hazziez Net Worth

Bilal Hazziez Net Worth – How Much is Bilal Really Worth?

Bilal Hazziez of Kansas City, Missouri starred on season 9 of 90 Day Fiance alongside long-distance love Shaeeda Sween as part of their long distance relationship. For much of their relationship, Bilal kept his wealth secret to see if Shaeeda would simply use him for her own gain, or was just playing along for show. But just how much does Bilal really owe Shaeeda Sween?

Bilal enjoys a very successful real estate career that allows him to live an exceptional life. An astute investor, Bilal is always looking for opportunities to expand his portfolio. According to his LinkedIn profile, Bilal serves as President and CEO of Premier Homes and Investments located in Kansas City MO with over 20 employees working under him. Bilal has been investing real estate professionally for 15 years making him one of the premier real estate investors in his region.

He owns rental properties that bring in a steady monthly income and his financial success has allowed him to purchase luxury items such as a Mercedes. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and has an impressive watch collection.

Bilal has an exceptionally humble spirit, frequently reminding Shaeeda to appreciate and be thankful for what she has in life. Together they take time for quality time together as well as traveling abroad whenever they can.

These two have been dating for two years and plan on starting a family soon. So far they’re doing great; recently celebrating their six month anniversary together. Both love each other immensely and are committed to making their relationship work.

On TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? spinoff, the couple have navigated some difficult waters successfully. Now in much better stead than when their story first premiered on television, they continue to share their journey and hopefully meet with a happy conclusion.

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