Buford Pusser Net Worth

Buford Pusser Net Worth

During his time as a sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee, Buford Pusser was known as a tough lawman. He fought crime as both a law enforcement officer and a private citizen. His career was marked by several assassination attempts.

In 1967, Buford Pusser’s wife was shot in an unintended hit. The couple was traveling in their car through a rural Tennessee town. The police report said that the crash was an accident. However, the woman who owned the land said that she was afraid to call the police because of the fear that retaliation would follow. Luckily, no one was arrested and no charges were filed.

After leaving his position as sheriff, Pusser became a famous folk hero in the state of Tennessee. He was known for his one-man war against illegal gambling, moonshining, and prostitution. In addition, he was involved in a crusade against the Dixie Mafia, a group responsible for organized crime in the Tennessee-Mississippi state line region.

Buford Pusser was married to Pauline Mullins in 1959. They had two children together. Their daughter Dwana was born in 1961. She died in June 1985. She was a devoted mother, and she held her father’s legacy close to her heart.

Before he was elected sheriff, law-abiding citizens feared for their safety. The county was known to be the most corrupt in Tennessee. It had many organized crime rings running criminal enterprises. The mob bosses from the tri-state area wanted to get rid of Pusser.

After he left his position as sheriff, Pusser continued to fight crime as a private citizen. He fought against a group of mobsters and killers that ran gambling, prostitution, and moonshining in the local community. He was known as a folk hero because of his toughness. He was able to survive several assassination attempts. He was also able to take out several hitmen.

In 1972, Pusser signed a contract to play himself in a movie called “Walking Tall.” The film was filmed in McNairy County, Tennessee. The house where the movie was set is located in Adamsville. The film was released in 1973, and its sequel, “Final Chapter: Walking Tall,” was released in 1977.

After his death, a museum was established in his hometown of Adamsville. This museum contains his personal effects, newspaper articles, photographs, and more. The museum is operated by Steve Sweat, who is a respected historian of Buford Pusser. The museum has a guestbook that includes names from around the country.

After his death, his son Bobby and daughter Dwana continued to keep their father’s legacy alive. They released a book about their father, called “Walking On.” Their family also believes that the crash was a homicide. They hope that the state will investigate the incident and make a determination.

When his wife was killed, Buford felt guilty about the tragedy. He was determined to avenge her death. He had been shot three times by that time. He was hospitalized for 18 days, and had several surgeries to recover. He also had to deal with chronic asthma.

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