Chopstick Art Net Worth 2020

If you are considering starting a career in art, you may be wondering how much Chopstick Art Net Worth 2020 will be. After all, these thin sticks are used in many cultures and countries. Brian Parks, who founded Chopstick Art in Eugene, Oregon, came up with the idea when he visited China and learned that billions of chopsticks were discarded every year. This realization motivated Brian to create something worthwhile out of these abandoned utensils. Parks pitched his idea on Shark Tank and asked for $1 million for a 10% stake. However, all Sharks rejected his venture.

However, the company is not a total failure, because Bryan continues to operate it, making about $45,000 a year. As of November 2021, the company has reached profitability and has continued to expand. As of November 20, 2021, Chopstick Art net worth 2020 is estimated at around $200,000.

To grow Chopstick Art’s net worth, Bryan collects leftover chopsticks from restaurants. He then sanitizes them in a high-temperature solution. He then uses the chopsticks to create Chopstick Art. In addition to this, he has also appeared on the television show Shark Tank. In a pitch to the Sharks, he asked for a 10% stake in Chopstick Art and a $1 million valuation. Bryan claims that his business has already generated $500K in sales in five years with little marketing and advertising. Despite being rejected, the Sharks seem to enjoy Bryan’s story and his products.

A company called ChopValue upcycles disposable chopsticks and recycles them into a useful material. Their custom wooden tables for Little Kitchen Academy and Little Bird Dim Sum diverted 33,436 disposable chopsticks from landfills. They have recycled 25 million chopsticks. ChopValue also created a virtual trade show booth that allows customers to interact with the company and learn about their products. It also works with companies such as WireWax to turn the chopsticks into reusable products.

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