Coffee and weight loss – how compatible is it and how much you can drink per day

Losing weight is hard work, so you always want to make this process faster, more enjoyable and effective.

One of the most frequently asked questions to me: what role does coffee play in the process of losing weight and can you drink it in order to lose those extra pounds?

I must say right away that I am against this drink and I will try to explain why!

The main aspect in drinking coffee is moderation.

benefits of coffee

By itself, it has a very low calorie content – only 1-2 kilocalories. And if you add a little milk and sugar to it, then the energy value rises to 54 kcal.

And therefore it all depends on how much you do not comply with the measures in its use. When the body works at “high revs”, it actively consumes energy, vitamins and minerals. Sooner or later, there comes a moment of exhaustion, from which our cells begin to work for themselves “at a loss.” Caffeine nervousness and anxiety are manifested, headache and dizziness attacks occur.

Coffee has a beneficial effect on our state of mind when we are calm and have a reserve of energy after a good rest. But drinking coffee in an agitated state, with chronic fatigue, and even more so “eating a cigarette” – means the maximum harm to health.

The most dangerous combination is coffee with alcohol. Caffeine makes it easier for alcohol to penetrate the brain, but for a while it helps to maintain clarity of thought. Therefore, coffee with cognac can provoke “sober intoxication”: it seems that you can drink some more, but in the meantime, your legs can no longer hold. But the worst thing about this combination is that it provokes deadly cardiac arrhythmias.

slimming coffee

The effect of coffee on pregnancy is also dose-dependent. If you exceed the daily intake of caffeine (200 mg), the risk of having a baby with a cleft lip and heart defect increases.

Also, do not forget about the negative effects of coffee on the body:

  1. Formation of addiction – like any other stimulant, coffee causes an addictive syndrome and after a certain time the effect of the usual portion will be less noticeable, and a sharp refusal to drink can cause headaches, irritability, and nervousness.
  2. Irritant effect on mucous membranes gastrointestinal tract and can exacerbate chronic diseases in people with problems in this area.
  3. Increased blood pressure – in general, it is not very dangerous for healthy people, but it can cause a sharp deterioration in health in hypertensive patients and people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  4. Violates calcium metabolism – due to the diuretic (diuretic) effect, coffee flushes calcium from the body, which can lead to weakening of bone tissue and disruption of the formation of the skeleton of the unborn baby in pregnant women.

Based on these properties, the consumption of coffee by healthy people should be controlled, and those with high acidity and a weak cardiovascular system should be reduced to a minimum or eliminated altogether.

Moderation is needed in everything, even in a seemingly safe drink like coffee.

Stay healthy!

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