Craig Terrill Net Worth

How Much is Craig Terrill Worth?

Craig Terrill is a professional footballer who plays defensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks. The multi-faceted sack-happy defensive specialist was a high school standout in his native state of Indiana. He also made a few notable collegiate football plays. In the offseason, he worked as an assistant coach for the Lebanon High School football team. One of his best seasons was in 2014, during which he helped the Tigers to a share of the conference championship. He had a solid career that lasted a decade before his retirement in 2016. His legacy includes a Ph.D in Communication and the aforementioned enviable sack-happy tenure. Aside from his career, he is a talented musician. Not only is he a capable saxophonist, but he is also a gifted songwriter and a well-rounded individual.

There is no denying that Craig Terrill is an impressive athlete, but that is not to say he is not a great husband and father as well. When not at the game, he can be found writing articles for The Spokesman-Review or playing video games with his son. The family relocated to Lebanon in the offseason. As the family’s patriarch, Craig is a proud dad and a well-rounded man. Of course, it’s always nice to have a wife who is supportive, even when the going gets tough. During his time at Purdue, Terrill was a two-way starter on the football field. Despite a rough start, he earned All-Big Ten honors in his freshman season, earning the accolades of an MVP. While his college football prowess is a given, Terrill also showed off in the classroom as an instructor.

Aside from his athletic credentials, he is a good guy and a good samaritan. As a family man, he has two brothers who also play college football. If there’s one thing they have in common, it’s a great sense of humor. Besides, the guys have been friends for years. They even have a tradition where the boys gather for a big group photo after every game.

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