Damon Hines Net Worth

Damon Hines Net Worth

There was a time when Damon Hines was a household name. In fact, he was the co-host of the Tony Awards. He was also a member of the aforementioned Jazz Tap Ensemble and the American Tap Dance Foundation. During his time in Hollywood, he made the most of his celebrity status by promoting the art of tap dancing.

Besides performing in several stage productions and in films like L’arme fatale 3 and 4, Damon Hines has also earned a decent chunk of his own fortune. This is thanks to his aforementioned hat trick of acting, directing, and writing, as well as his work as a freelance designer and his various other side projects. The star of his most recent show, Alaskan Bush People, is still together a decade and a half later.

Aside from his acting and directing stints, Damon Hines has been an ardent fan of visual design and the art of the pixel. One of his most memorable roles was in a series of animated children’s shows entitled Little Bill. Throughout its run from 1999 to 2004, he played Big Bill, the titular star of the show. Likewise, he played Big Bill in the film The Tic Code, as well as Big Bill in the short-lived NBC series Big Bill. It was during this show that he won a Daytime Emmy for Best Performance in a Featured Animated Program for his work on the show. Moreover, he was a recurring guest on Fox’s hit comedy series The Cleveland Show. As for his most recent stint on the CBS show Will & Grace, he was a bit more understated, playing Ben Doucette, the show’s nerdy sidekick.

Damon Hines may have passed away in a suspicious fashion early Saturday morning, but his legacy lives on. Despite his passing, his contributions to the art of the pixel are not going unnoticed. Certainly, his wit and wisdom have paved the way for others. If you’re in the market for a reputable design firm to work with, look no further than Hines.

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