Deandre Bond Net Worth

De’Aundre Bond Net Worth

De’Aundre Bonds is an American actor and producer. He is born on March 19, 1976 in Los Angeles, California. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and has dark brown hair. His eyes are brown.

During his career, he has appeared in numerous movies. In addition to his acting, he owns a production company. As a result, he earns a lot of money from his earnings. However, he has been out of the film industry for a number of years. This has made it difficult for him to earn a considerable amount of money. That is why he is trying to get back on his feet and gain success in his career.

Bonds started his career as an actor in 1993. The first movie he worked in was South of Sunset. When he was a teenager, he played a role in the film Blood Sacrifice. Later on, he played a role in the TV show Power & Money. He then appeared in the television series Behind De Pole as Trey King. He later starred in the film Gangster Squad as Duke Del-Red. He also appeared in the movie The Ghetto as Moose.

Bonds was involved in a terrible incident in 2001. His aunt’s boyfriend had been murdered. According to the police report, Bonds stabbed the man in the chest. However, Bonds claimed that he was stabbing the man in self-defense. After the incident, Bonds was kept in a correctional facility for the next 10 years. At the end of his sentence, he was released. But then, he was found guilty of manslaughter.

Since then, he has had to spend time in a rehabilitation facility. Although, his time in a prison did not hinder his ability to work in the film industry. He has earned a substantial sum of money through his acting and production companies. Now, Bonds is trying to get back on his feet and get his life back on track.

After being out of the film industry for several years, Bonds has finally made his comeback. In recent months, he appeared in a television show, Snowfall. It is not yet known whether he will continue to be involved in the movie industry. Nevertheless, Bonds’ net worth will surely increase as he works harder.

Before his release, he was charged with the death of his aunt’s lover. According to the law, he had to serve a maximum of ten years in a correctional facility. Fortunately, Bonds was released from the prison on February 22, 2011. On the other hand, his sister, Samantha, is still in the process of raising her children.

Bonds’ parents are of African descent. They are also currently working hard to raise their kids. In addition, De’Aundre has a nephew named Zoey. Despite all the hardships, he has never been married and is likely single. Nonetheless, the actor is active on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, he has over seven thousand followers on these platforms.

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