Dvsn Net Worth

What is the Net Worth of the Alternative R&B Duo Dvsn?

If you’re a fan of alternative R&B music, chances are you’ve come across the duo dvsn. Composed of vocalist Daniel Daley and producer Paul Jefferies (known by their stage name Nineteen85), the group has been making waves in the industry.

They’re renowned for their captivating slow jams, and have three albums to their credit. Additionally, they’ve collaborated with Drake on two tracks.

Though less well-known than some of their OVO Sound peers, dvsn has earned a substantial amount of money through both releases and concert performances. At present, estimates place their net worth at approximately $500,000.

The Members of Dvsn

Dvsn was formed by Canadian R&B singer Daniel Daley and music producer Paul Jefferies (known as “Nineteen85”), who have been working together since 2015. Their first single “With Me” and debut album Sept. 5th both reached the Billboard Top 200 and R&B charts in 2015.

Since then, the duo has released more songs and gained widespread recognition from both fans and critics alike. They’ve even been nominated for several awards including the Grammy Award for Producer of the Year.

Their debut single, “The Line,” has been listened to over 1.3 million times on YouTube and received over 1.5 million plays on Soundcloud. The song perfectly showcases Daley’s delicate vocals, becoming one of their most popular releases to date.

They hail from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dvsn is an R&B duo composed of vocalist Daniel Daley and music producer Nineteen85. For years they’ve been working with various artists in the industry to perfect their unique sound which has since earned them recognition within the industry.

They signed with Drake’s label OVO Sound and have been touring extensively with him in the past. Their performances have sold out venues across North America and Canada, as well as around the world.

Their net worth is comprised of income from their work and tours, as well as other sources. Over the past several years, the group has been actively marketing their music on social media platforms and other venues.

The Music Producer Who Recruited

If you’re a fan of Drake, then you may know the name Nineteen85. He’s an influential Canadian hip-hop producer who has produced several tracks for Drake; most notably “One Dance”, for which he served as main producer. In addition, Nineteen85 also co-produced other Drake tracks.

Before that, he produced “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and “Too Much.”

He is best known for his collaborations with Sampha on the singles “Hold On,” “Too Much,” and “Hotline Bling.”

Since 2013, the producer has been an active presence in the music industry and been nominated for numerous awards. He’s released multiple albums such as Nothing Was the Same and his own ‘It’s Time’ EP in 2014.

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