Eddie Brigati Net Worth

Eddie Brigati Net Worth – Rock Singer

Eddie Brigati Net Worth: $10 Million

Eddie Brigati net worth and biography (birthdate, age, height)
Rock singer Eddie Brigati was born on October 22, 1945 in New Jersey and achieved international fame as part of The Rascals band. Additionally, his songs “Good Lovin'” and “Love Is Alive” became hit singles.

Numerology has him assigned life path number 6, signifying an abundance of love, affection, care and humility. Additionally, his empathy for those in need and suffering is boundless.

He is married to Susan Lovell and they have two children together. They reside in New Jersey.

They have been together for three decades. He says they enjoy a close relationship and she is his biggest ally.

His family is his greatest assets. They help him maintain his reputation and inspire him to do what he loves most.

When not performing, he enjoys reading books and listening to music. His interests also extend to history, particularly the American Civil War.

He enjoys traveling and has visited several countries, such as Australia, Spain and Egypt.

His net worth has been largely fueled by performing and singing, as well as from his writing and songwriting talents.

One of his most beloved songs was “Good Lovin’,” which became a hit for the Rascals in 1964 and reached number one on Billboard Hot 100 one year later; today, it remains an iconic classic.

His other popular songs include “Love is Alive,” “Feeling Good,” and “Smokestack Lightning.”

Throughout his career, he has collaborated with numerous artists and earned awards for his work. In 1997, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In addition to his musical career, he has been married for thirty years to Susan Lovell and they have two children together. In the past he has also worked as both a model and actor.

He has earned numerous accolades for his performance and writing, as well as recognition for his service to the community.

The Rascals made seven albums and scored six hits, including “Good Lovin'” and “Love is Alive.” Additionally, they have many other successful singles which remain among their best works.

His tenure with The Rascals saw him perform as both co-vocalist and percussionist alongside Felix Cavaliere. Additionally, he sang lead vocals on some of their popular songs.

He was also part of The Rascals’ band, playing piano and tambourine alongside other instruments. Additionally, he contributed to their writing and production efforts.

He is currently on a reunion tour with The Rascals, as part of their original lineup. He has been touring with them since 1970.

In addition to his music career, he has also ventured into filmmaking. His roles in films like The Greatest Showman, American Pie, and more have earned him critical acclaim.

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