Elizabeth Cauvel Net Worth

Elizabeth Cauvel Net Worth – How Much Is Elizabeth Cauvel Worth?

Elizabeth Cauvel currently has an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million at 37 years old, as of her 2018 MasterChef competition finish as the runner-up. Additionally, she is well known as an Instagram content creator of food-related posts and videos.

Starting off as an unknown contender, she quickly rose to stardom when her Mystery Box challenge became an instant fan favorite. Throughout her season as team captain she won every Team challenge she competed in; yet was criticized for being overly personal and rude toward other contestants.

At first, Elizabeth and Leslie clashed due to Leslie’s talkative personality; however, they later reconciled and made up in the finals together. Elizabeth faced stiff competition against Ahran, Christian, and Courtney who have all been strong all season; in the end though she secured more votes from judges and avoided going home.

An incredible advantage she held over all the remaining contestants was in the Individual Challenge: she could enlist previous eliminated contestants to help in cooking with her, including Courtney who received buffalo testicles; Veal brains went to Christian; lamb tongue went to Leslie; and Cutter received an ox heart.

After failing to reach the final two, those not selected as winners had to create dishes inspired by their favorite foods and compete in an elimination pit based on what was judged to be their best dish. Whoever’s dish won would advance to compete in the season finale Pressure Test; anyone not in the top two was then sent home; Elizabeth won with her dish and avoided elimination altogether.

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