Eric Haze Net Worth

Eric Haze Net Worth – How Much Is Eric Haze Worth?

Eric Haze is an esteemed New York designer with over three decades of experience in graphic design, fashion and streetwear. His designs helped define hip hop culture during its golden years. Haze Studio produces products for leading brands like Nike, Casio and Honda; additionally Haze owns his eponymous clothing line renowned worldwide as one of the first pioneering streetwear and urban products today.

He began his career in Brooklyn as a graffiti artist during the 1970s, becoming famous for combining traditional graffiti techniques with elements of graphic design and typography. His work has appeared in documentaries such as Style Wars and Subway Art as well as publications. Furthermore, he designed wording for several music album covers by Public Enemy, EPMD and LL Cool J – among many others!

Haze is not only an accomplished designer; he is also an acclaimed fine artist exhibiting their paintings at galleries and museums around the globe. They have won multiple awards and been featured in magazines like The New York Times and Rolling Stone. Furthermore, Haze wrote his book entitled Graffiti and Urban Art: The Essential Guide for Beginners which offers guidance for beginning street artists.

As of 2013, Haze has married actress and community activist Rosie Perez. They reside together in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood. Perez currently co-hosts daytime talk show The View; prior to that she has appeared in movies, television shows and written books; additionally she has performed live theatre acts.

Recently, Perez revealed her sexual identity as “quasi-straight,” encouraging people to speak openly about their own sexuality and encouraging teenagers to have people they can talk with about their sexuality at an event hosted by national LGBT youth organization The Trevor Project.

Prior to her marriage to Haze, Perez was in a relationship with actor Ramon Rodriguez and playwright and filmmaker Seth Zvi Rosenfeld. Perez has two children from previous relationships with Shakur and director-producer Ramon Rodriguez; with Ramon being director-producer; while Seth being playwright/filmmaker Seth Zvi Rosenfeld. She met Haze after attending a boxing match featuring Floyd Mayweather; they officially got married the night after attending and expect their third child in 2023!

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