Evan Seinfeld Net Worth

Evan Seinfeld Net Worth – How Much Is Evan Seinfeld Worth?

Evan Seinfeld is an American guitarist. Born December 29th 1967 in United States, he first came to public notice when he appeared as Jaz Hoyt in HBO prison drama series Oz and later featured as Spyder Jonez in several pornographic movies. Additionally he formed Brooklyn hardcore metal band Biohazard in 1987 but left soon thereafter; then as part of supergroup Damnocracy featured on VH1 reality show Supergroup featuring members such as Ted Nugent, Sebastian Bach Scott Ian and Jason Bonham amongst many other members including Ted Nugent, Sebastian Bach Scott Ian and Jason Bonham amongst many others.

He has appeared in multiple X-rated films, such as independent features Angry Dogs and Kiss Me Now, while regularly appearing on celebrity television shows like E!’s True Hollywood Story “Rockstar Wives”, G4TV’s A Day in the Life of Tera Patrick and VH1’s Greatest Metal Songs. Additionally, Kip Fulbeck published a book featuring Tera Patrick entitled Permanence: Tattoo Portraits which features Kip Fulbeck’s photographs featuring Tera Patrick.

After his divorce from adult actress Tera Patrick in 2004, he started dating Lupe Fuentes whom he eventually married in 2011. They have co-starred together in several pornographic films as well as being co-owners of Iron Cross Entertainment and Teravision production companies as well as jointly owning IsMyGirl website.

Before his acting career became prominent, he made his mark as bassist and vocalist of Biohazard, an established hardcore metal band. A founding member, he remained with them until its disbandment for personal reasons in 2011. Later, he joined Attika7, composed of former members from Walls of Jericho, Static-X and Soulfly.

Seinfeld has also made waves through Rockstar Games as the voice behind various characters such as Skin in Manhunt, Honkers from Grand Theft Auto IV and various gangsters from The Warriors. Furthermore, he appeared as himself in movies such as Angry Dogs, Kiss Me Now and Wizard of Gore.

Evan has amassed an estimated net worth of $3.4 Million. Most of his wealth derives from acting roles he has performed and pornographic films he has directed. Furthermore, he made significant money as both musician and founder of Attika7 and Biohazard bands; additionally he founded IsMyGirl; its online subscription service boasts 4 Million registered users with 150,000 models/actresses registered as users – making this company one of the biggest erotic websites globally! As a result of all his endeavors he established and is considered successful!

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