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ANSE fashionable faux fur coats - an interview with Maria KoshkinaThe successful designer of faux fur coats and the owner of the Anse brand, Maria Koshkina, agreed to give an expert interview to the Colady editorial office and tell how to choose the right eco-fur coat, what to focus on, what advantages and disadvantages it has in comparison with natural fur coats.

How faux fur coats became a fashion trend – historical background

The first mention of artificial fur dates back to 1929. Then it was not possible to create synthetic materials, so a natural pile was simply glued onto the knitted base. Such products were naturally short-lived.

However, the war made its own adjustments. A practical and cheap material appeared that saved people from the cold, because they had to work hard to restore the industry.

In the 50s of the XX century, an artificial fur made of acrylic polymer, and consisting of 100% synthetic materials, appeared.

The first eco-coats looked simple – and, of course, were inferior to products made from animal fur. But the designers were inspired by the new possibilities, and since the early 70s, the world has seen beautiful and sustainable models.

Since the 90s, the industry has been gaining momentum, and the choice of a faux fur coat has become not forced, but voluntary. Appeared eco-friendly fashionwhen people deliberately refused from fur, and not because of its high cost.

In the XXI century eco-fur reached its heyday, and won the hearts of not only haute couture designers, but also penetrated the mass market. Many fashion houses have deliberately abandoned the production of products from animal fur, and are increasingly giving preference to the limitless possibilities of eco-materials.

ANSE fashionable faux fur coats - an interview with Maria Koshkina

– Maria, not so long ago you shared with us a success story about creating your own eco-fur sewing business. Let’s talk a little more about your product today. I am sure that it will be useful for our readers to learn about current fashion trends and get practical advice on choosing and caring for a product.
Tell me, what models of eco-coats are especially trendy today? What do they order the most?

– Today, fashion does not set rigid boundaries for the choice of clothing. The trend is individuality and expression of one’s own “I” through appearance. Therefore, designers do not set rules, but try to adapt to the person, offering different tools for self-expression.

Fashionistas choose bright and original models of eco-coats, made using the patchwork technique (when patches of different length and texture are sewn together), with appliqués, painting on fur (you can even find reproductions of famous paintings) and the most incredible shades. For example, we have fuchsia-colored llama fur coats. They are actively bought, because in winter they really want paints. There are rains, snow, little sun around. A bright fur coat immediately cheers up, adds fire.

Modern women of fashion do not emphasize the waist, although models with a belt are still in favor. Ponchos or cocoons are often preferred. Hypersize fur coats with massive hoods and sleeves will be the trend of the coming winter.

For several years now, eco-coats have become part of the autumn and spring fashion on the streets. Short fur coats and fur vests are in fashion, which girls like to wear until summer.

And, if earlier buyers wanted a fur coat “like natural” – now, on the contrary, they prefer original textures and textures (for example, curled pile, or ultra-smooth).

ANSE fashionable faux fur coats - an interview with Maria Koshkina

– What do you like personally? Do your preferences match those of your customers? It is interesting to know about the most difficult order from a creative point of view. And was there, on the contrary, a fur coat that I wanted to keep for myself.

– We do not carry out products on customer orders. Rather, we collect preferences together, analyze the fashion market, look at successful examples, get inspired on the catwalks – and give out models that embody all the diversity of views.

At the beginning of my career, I relied on my own preferences. It seemed that my ideas would definitely shoot. But in practice it turned out differently. Some collections did not go at all. I had to do the job again.

We process all the comments and feedback we receive. Based on this, with each new season, it is possible to make models that meet the requests of subscribers.

My favorite is the classic tissavel fur coat. I named the color black gold. A chic and very warm model for any winter.

Each collection is complex in its own way, because you never know whether a new idea will take off, whether you will like the shades. But we work very closely with clients, so every year it becomes easier to guess and fulfill the wishes of our customers.

ANSE fashionable faux fur coats - an interview with Maria Koshkina

– What designers inspire you? Your creative path …

– Karl Lagerfeld and Cristobal Balenciaga inspire me.

Of course, each collection contains the latest fashion trends and tendencies. However, our products have their own style. First of all, they reflect the character of a modern woman, who not only wears beautiful things, but expresses her point of view through them.

Eco-fur coat is an opportunity to tell the society “stop” to the mass murder of animals. People see our clients in bright and beautiful things – and understand that artificial fur looks even better than natural. This product is cheaper, and no one was harmed during production.

We have a close relationship with subscribers. I personally review comments and reviews. It is important to understand what girls want, what ideals they strive for. The new collection is one more step towards the buyer, a reflection of his ideas.

Naturally, it is based on my ideas. There is such an interesting mix of personal ideas, fashion trends and customer wishes.

– Pricing, or how much does a faux fur coat cost today: how much do prices begin and how do they end? Is an eco-fur coat always cheaper than natural fur? Below what threshold cannot the price of a quality eco-coat be lower?

– Price “plug” of quality products: from 15,000 to 45,000 rubles. The price depends on the material. We order fur from Korean manufacturers.

If we talk about individual designer models made to order, then such an eco-coat will cost more than a fur coat made of animal fur. If the production uses expensive metals, rhinestones, precious stones or handmade jewelry – as in our Limited collection, for example. But this is already high fashion.

ANSE fashionable faux fur coats - an interview with Maria Koshkina

– Let’s talk about the practical side of the issue. Our readers, of course, are concerned about the advantages and disadvantages of faux fur coats over natural ones: how durable are eco-coats, does fake fur climb? Is it heavier or lighter than an eco fur coat?

– Ecomech is a synthetic material. Today, production technologies have advanced so much that it is difficult to distinguish it from an animal counterpart. Sometimes the only outward signs are hair height and evenness. In faux fur, these parameters are more uniform.

Ecomech is made of polyester, which guarantees its durability with good care. Such products can be worn at temperatures down to -40, according to reviews of our customers – and a big minus.

Eco-coats are lighter than animal counterparts. It all depends on the specific model: what kind of fur, trim, additional details (pockets, hoods), and so on. Sometimes, after a purchase, customers call us and complain that the fur coat is crumbling. This crumbles the pile at the seams. In the future, they no longer see anything like that.

– Which fur coats are warmer?

– Our fur coats are warmer than animal fur coats. Modern eco-coats can withstand extreme cold.

For additional protection, the models are equipped with insulation. Large sleeves and hoods also save from frost and wind.

– How does artificial fur behave in snow, rain? Are there any impregnations?

– Eco-coats easily endure different weather conditions. The composition does not contain animal fats, which are simply washed out under the influence of moisture.

Plus – the models are sewn from whole pieces of fur, so there is no need to be afraid that it will come out in the stitching places.

Of course, there are certain storage and washing conditions. If you follow them, the fur coat is more likely to get bored or out of fashion than wear out.

– How to choose a quality faux fur coat, what to look for – your advice when choosing

– One of the main qualities of good eco-fur is its softness. Just iron the fur coat and trust the sensations. If the pile is pricked, then in front of you is a cheap material.

You can also run a damp palm or a rag over the fur coat – and see how many hairs are left. Cheap artificial fur very quickly deteriorates precisely because of the loss of pile.

Look carefully at the composition: most of the models today are made of acrylic and cotton or polyester. It is the last element that makes the product durable. Therefore, look for information on the label about the presence of polyester (there are names – PAN or polyacrylonitrile fiber).

Smell the product for the presence of chemical odors and run a white napkin on the subject of low-quality dyes, which then remain on the skin and clothes.

If a fur coat shocks from friction, it means that it has not undergone electrostatic treatment. Feel free to refuse the purchase.

– How to properly care for a faux fur coat?

– Fur loves free space, so it is better to store the eco-coat in a special cotton cover in a dark, dry place.

It is better to wash in a washing machine at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees with double rinsing without spinning. Dry the product without using electrical appliances. Once completely dry, you can comb the fur with a blunt-toothed comb.

The faux fur garment must not be ironed or otherwise heat treated (such as a heated car seat).

If you stain your eco-coat, then the stain can be removed with a soapy sponge.

And try not to carry bags on the shoulder and expose the fur to friction.

Especially for Women’s magazine

We thank Maria for interesting and valuable advice! We wish her to successfully develop her business in all directions and delight us with beautiful, stylish and cozy eco fur coats!

We are sure that our readers have adopted all of Maria’s practical advice. We invite you to continue the conversation about faux fur coats in the comments, and we ask you to share with each other valuable tips on choosing and caring for faux fur coats.

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