Fashionable trench coats for fall 2019

The disc of the sultry sun sinks lower and lower over the horizon. This means that it’s time to get demi-season raincoats out of their wardrobes. Sadly, not all girls have this elegant piece of women’s wardrobe. Yet it is she who gives the image of a fashionista of lightness and originality. Choose from a selection of spectacular pieces from our premium collections.

Fashionable raincoats fall 2019

Glossy Raincoats

Let’s let the Italian brand Blumarin open the autumn fashion “festival”. Anna Molinari, the company’s creative designer, has launched a unique collection of glossy trench coats.

Fashionable raincoats fall 2019 1

The features of her models were:

  • double-breasted styles;
  • wide lapels;
  • belts with buckles;
  • midi and classic length;
  • luxuriously highlighted yokes;
  • lowered shoulder straps;
  • decor on the cuffs in the form of a belt.

Important! Image makers note that in the fall of 2019 it will be fashionable to tie a belt with a buckle to a regular knot.

Despite the fact that Molinari is crazy about blue, the designer nevertheless used black and red shades in her collection. They were given special luxury by the enchanting shine of the glossy fabric. In another version, it was a pompous floral print depicting blossoming roses.

Fashionable raincoats fall 2019 2

Supported the idea of ​​gloss and Brandon Maxwell. Only in his vision was it a delicate satin fabric. The products of the American designer were adorned with a shawl collar, ruffles on the cuffs, and also in peach color. Brandon decided to emphasize the sexuality of the image with just one fastener.

Leather raincoats – favorites for autumn 2019

At New York Fashion Week, fashion designer Stuart Weevers unveiled the Coach 1941 collection of exquisite trench coats.
Fashionable raincoats fall 2019 3

The audience was delighted with the endless variety:

  • colors;
  • styles;
  • decor.

The American fashion designer gave preference to 2 fashionable shades: burning red and burgundy with a warm undertone. However, Stewart had other tones at his disposal: eggplant with a delicate pink tint and brown with red notes.

Important! All Coach 1941 models had their sleeves up. Such leather drapery brought lightness and independence to autumn bows. It is in this form that the sleeves will be fashionable to wear this fall.

Fashionable raincoats fall 2019 4
Georgian stylish clothing brand Situationist has released an extravagant line of trench coats. The original models were exclusively selected for fashionistas from high society.

Leather products were different:

  • eccentric design;
  • mega-volume sleeves;
  • oversized style;
  • yoke, smoothly turning into the sleeve.

Color solutions of designers are more concentrated on dull shades and presented in a military style. Wine color became the hero of the collection, and a muted jade hue became his assistant. The Italian length of the trench coats competed with the timeless classics – maxi cuts.

Combined raincoats 2019 – trend of the autumn season

The Italian sportswear brand Sport Max (a subsidiary of Max Mara) delighted fans with elegant raincoats. The classic length of the products perfectly matched the sun-flared cuts. Leather belts were surprisingly combined with a leather yoke, placed on the right shoulder of the model. A leather cap was the most suitable for this look. At the same time, Sportmax’s partners in the fashion department, the fashion house Versace, as always, were at their best.
Fashionable raincoats fall 2019 5

Donatella has created luxurious styles of raincoats from:

  • almond-colored fabrics;
  • quilted satin with the brand’s signature pattern;
  • leather inserts.

This trench coat looked like a masterpiece thanks to the multi-layered, double structure. In addition, the couturier has lowered the shoulder line as much as possible, although at first glance this cannot be said. The secret of the amazing effect is simple – Donatella Versace managed to maintain proportions with the help of embossed seams and contrasting fabric.

A similar work of fashion art was created by the American fashion designer Michael Kors:

  • the base of the cloak was a tricolor check (white, red and black);
  • the central part of the product was made of leather;
  • the design of the trench coat is made according to the pattern of the leather jacket;
  • a chunky belt and cuffs exquisitely complemented the look.

Fashionable raincoats fall 2019 6

Important! The Coach 1941 collection also features several combination models. Vivers contrasted not only the side of the model, but also shoulder straps, as well as the pockets of the product.

But Daria Donez presented women of fashion an oversized raincoat with an asymmetric hem. The sleeves and lapels of the trench coat were distinguished by an impressive size. At the same time, they were wearing inserts of snow-white fabric, which barely stood out against the background of the ash-pink dress. Daria also decided to decorate the product with shoulder straps, which brought a touch of officialdom to the image.

Fashionable raincoats fall 2019 7

In this spirit, the shows were held at recent fashion weeks in the USA and Europe. It remains only to find alternative models in the mass markets, and this is quite difficult to do. Still, there is no need to despair, because it is not in vain that there are democratic brands that are ready to cooperate with middle-income clients.

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