Felix Verdejo Net Worth

Felix Verdejo’s personal wealth will likely reach $20 million by 2021. This figure is estimated to be higher than the estimated net worth of many other boxers. Despite being an amateur, Verdejo has earned millions, and is currently living the luxurious lifestyle of a movie star. His earnings from professional boxing have increased steadily over the years. His first fight earned him $175,000 in prize money.

In April 2019, Felix Verdejo defeated Bryan Vasquez. He then switched trainers and started working with Ismael Salas. In his first fight with his new trainer, he defeated Manuel Rey Rojas. He lost to Masayoshi Nkatani in his next fight and was knocked out twice by TKO. It was a tense match, and Verdejo’s net worth may have been lowered after the incident.

Verdejo is expected to have a personal net worth of around $20 million by the end of 2018. Most of this money will come from his professional boxing career. He earned $175,000 in prize money in his last fight, which came just before his Olympic debut. In addition to the prize money, Felix Verdejo is a well-liked sportsman. His net worth may grow even higher with time, with the help of endorsements and advertising deals.

Forbes predicts Felix Verdejo’s net worth will rise to $20 million by 2021. Most of this money is made as a professional boxer. He has won over fifteen professional fights and earned $175,000 in prize money. He is the only boxer to be awarded a sum that exceeds $175,000. Felix Verdejo has a net worth of several assets, in addition to the prize money.

Felix Verdejo signed a Top Rank deal in October 2012. He received a $600,000. bonus that he used to further his career. His net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. His earnings are mainly earned as a professional boxer, and he was praised by many as a good example of discipline. His family includes two sisters and two brothers.

A major part of Verdejo’s net worth is derived from his boxing career. His professional boxing career was the way he made his fortune. After winning the American Boxing Olympic Qualification Tournament, he won the title. He beat Terry Flanagan in 2012 and won $175,000 worth of prize money. This gave him the chance to travel all over the world and help his family.

Verdejo’s net worth is estimated to rise to $20 million in 2022. He won the lightweight championship and the gold medal in the last fight. He is expected to make at least $20 million over his lifetime. He is a professional boxer with a net worth of $15 million by 2022. He earned his money from boxing. Boxing was his main source of income.

His net worth is estimated at $30 million by 2021. This is mainly due to his professional boxing career. He also makes money from sponsorships and advertisements. He is currently 28 years old and active on social media. His networth will rise even more if he gets involved in his current case. It will continue to rise as his social media presence continues to grow. Aside from his boxing career, Verdejo also has a massive Instagram following.

The net worth of Felix Verdejo is estimated at $20 million. He earned most of his wealth through his professional boxing career. He won the lightweight title in 2012’s qualifying tournament for the Olympics. He won $175,000 against Terry Flanagan. His wife has two daughters, Miranda and Isabella. The couple have been married for eight years. Miranda is their daughter. Currently, he is worth about $20 million.

Felix Verdejo’s net worth is expected to exceed $20 million by 2022. He is a Puerto Rican who competes in lightweight boxing. Madeline Sanchez and Demetrio Verdejo are his parents. His professional career started when he represented Puerto Rico in the 2012 Olympics. After his girlfriend’s death, he was stripped off the gold medal and accused of murder. Despite the scandal, his earnings continue to grow.

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