Forrest Martin Net Worth

Forrest Martin Net Worth

Forrest Martin Net Worth is well-known for his work as both an actor and writer. Most notably, his latest performance is as Charles-Haden Savage on Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building; for which he created, wrote, executive produced, and also served as creator/writer/executive producer of. Furthermore, Forrest is working on multiple movie projects including sequels of Cheaper by the Dozen with former costars as well as several movie projects with new costars.

His film career kicked off in 1979 with the comedy film, The Jerk, both as star and co-writer. It became an immense box office hit that significantly added to his net worth; grossing over $73.7 million (equivalent to roughly $302 million in today’s dollars).

After his brief run on NBC comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live, Martin began appearing in more feature films. His breakthrough came in 1989 with Darryl Hannah and Keanu Reeves-led parenthood; it grossed more than $126.3 million worldwide and garnered Martin a Golden Globe nomination.

In the 1990s, Martin moved away from comedies towards more dramatic roles with films like L.A. Story which proved both critically and commercially successful. Additionally, 1992 brought Father of the Bride – another smash hit which earned over $257.2 million worldwide against only an initial $20 million budget – earning him critical acclaim and commercial success alike.

Starting out his career by appearing in Roxanne, another smash hit romantic comedy and musical, Martin moved onto other projects like The Great Mouse Detective with Jerry Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. which grossed over $46 Million worldwide and received both Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for Martin’s work as Best Actor.

Martin has also appeared on TV shows like Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as a frequent guest host, writing books that have been published by various publishers.

He also owns several business ventures, including Sea Ltd. – an online gaming and e-commerce firm which recently posted its inaugural quarterly profit, sending its New York-listed shares skyward by 919 million overnight and multiplying his fortunes exponentially.

Martin makes significant income through music as part of The 1975, an ensemble formed when he was still in high school and only really starting making significant amounts in 2012. They’ve had several chart toppers which help bring in extra cash on tour; plus Martin also reaps extra profit through other business interests, like art collection and real estate investments as well as being co-owner of an eatery in Los Angeles.

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