Functions to help protect the psyche of children from Instagram

We recently wrote about the negative impact of social media on adolescents, from a psychological point of view:

Psychologists explain the negative impact of social networks on adolescents

So, experts from Facebook have created an interesting function for the social network Instagram, which allows you to protect minors from unfavorable content, since this kind of content has a negative impact on a favorable outlook and mental health of people. Most often, adolescent children are exposed to this negative influence.

So let’s talk in more detail about what this function is and how it works.

New features offered by Facebook will help protect the psyche of young Instagram users
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Facebook specialist Nick Clegg explained that this function, which will be applied to Instagram, will have the ability to control posts on the network and filter posts of a negative and obscene nature, and will also be able to “encourage” teenagers to take breaks so that they do not spend a lot part of the time spent on the social network. Overall a great idea! In modern times, when children spend a lot of time on the Internet, it is quite difficult to protect them from unnecessary and negative information. It’s great that someone thinks about it and takes such issues into account.

Today this is all the information, but as soon as more detailed details become known, we will definitely tell you about it.

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