Gail O’grady Net Worth

Gail O’Grady Net Worth

Gail O’Grady was born January 23rd 1963 in Detroit Michigan United States. Originally a model, she has spent more than three decades developing her acting career – becoming a notable actor through roles on NYPD Blue TV show as well as numerous films and series appearances. O’Grady earned both Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Awards during this impressive journey and currently boasts a net worth of $3 Million dollars.

O’Grady began her modeling career by modeling for Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs as well as commercials. Later she relocated to Los Angeles in pursuit of becoming an actress.

O’Grady first made waves as an actress when she appeared in the 1988 drama film She’s Having a Baby. Soon thereafter, she found success appearing on TV shows and films such as China Beach, Matlock, Spellbinder, Spellbinder. By 1993 she had secured herself the role of Donna Abandando on ABC police drama series NYPD Blue where her performance earned her nominations for an Emmy every year during her time there – this performance earned O’Grady many other opportunities such as American Dreams Hellcats Boston Legal among others!

O’Grady is an esteemed supporter of various charitable causes and has made an enormous impactful contribution to society. She currently sits on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society board of directors and regularly participates in fundraising events; additionally she donated time and talent to American Cancer Society; was an advocate for homeless individuals as well as elderly residents in need.

As of 2023, O’Grady boasts a net worth of $3 Million. Her main source of income has been acting over 30 years in various TV shows and movies – both roles within her own productions as well as her charitable endeavors have all contributed to her wealth accumulation. O’Grady enjoys reading in her spare time as well as collecting old perfume bottles.

O’Grady has been married and divorced six times, indicating an impulsive nature. Her first marriage lasted only two years with Richard Dasko before meeting Severin Wunderman (1987) and then Jeffrey Byron (1990). Since April 2009 she has been in relationship with Josef Shamir who prefers not to make himself public and who prefers being out of the media’s eye. Together they have one child, Michael Colton O’Grady.

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