George Gaynes Net Worth

George Gaynes Net Worth

George Gaynes was an American actor known for his dedication and professionalism on set. Fans loved him while colleagues respected his talents; many shared their condolences after his passing via social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. George Gaynes left an incredible legacy behind.

Gaynes was born in Helsinki, Grand Duchy of Finland under Russian Empire and died at his North Bend, Washington home at 98 on Monday. He leaves behind Allyn Ann McLerie – his wife of 62 years – as well as one daughter and two granddaughters as well as two great-granddaughters. For decades Gaynes was active, making many guest appearances on television series like Hawaii Five-O, Mission: Impossible, Bonanza and Hogan’s Heroes as well as appearing in several theater roles and even Broadway performances.

Gaynes made waves in the 1980s after he was cast as Commandant Eric Lassard in all seven Police Academy films, becoming renowned for his portrayal of dimwitted officer Commandant Lassard – garnering him national renown and national fame. Additionally, he appeared as Henry Warnimont on popular television show Punky Brewster for one season before going back into retirement due to age-related health problems.

Gaynes continued making guest appearances after his show had concluded, including various television series and movies like Tootsie in 1982. Alongside acting work, he also made an impressive career in photography, singing and book writing.

Gaynes had become more known through his guest appearances on television over time, including several cameo roles on sitcoms such as Fox’s short-lived The Mind of Mark Hamill comedy series and briefly appearing in The Goodbye Girl production on Broadway.

George Gaynes served in World War II before being honorably discharged in 1946. Since his return, he had worked in numerous comedic plays on Broadway as well as supporting arts programs by helping to launch numerous young actors’ careers.

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