Hank Parker Net Worth

Hank Parker Net Worth

Hank Parker net worth is an American professional bass fisherman who has built up an impressive career. Over his professional fishing career, Parker has won multiple tournaments. Additionally, his entrepreneurial ventures have also contributed greatly to his wealth. Parker partnered with various fishing equipment companies and co-authored multiple books related to fishing. Furthermore, his television show hosting has enhanced his exposure and popularity even more.

Hank Parker is an outdoorsman who takes great pleasure hunting and fishing. Growing up in Maiden and introduced to fishing by his father as a child, Parker entered competitive bass fishing three years later and quickly won two Bassmaster Classic titles within 10 years of starting professional bass fishing competition. Over his career Parker earned money in 76% of tournaments that he participated in which significantly increased his net worth.

As well as his successful bass fishing career, Parker has ventured into racing. He has competed in multiple series, such as the Slim Jim All Pro Series where he won multiple races and was even named most popular driver! Additionally, Parker competed in Craftsman Truck Series where he placed among the top ten finishers a number of times.

He has hosted multiple television shows and written multiple books on the subject matter. Additionally, he enjoys an expansive social media following and can often be found appearing as a guest on radio and television talk shows. Furthermore, he holds several endorsement deals as well as taking part in charity events.

Former competitor Nick Saban has been married to Wendy Parker for some time; though the exact timing and method of their meeting and wedding remains unclear. Together they currently share four children – Alex, Madison, Boone and Cade – as well as plans to adopt a fifth one in order to bring their total up to five children.

Parker professes a firm Christian faith and regularly attends church services with his wife, Michelle. Together they raise their four children with similar beliefs while engaging in bible studies with them – they currently reside in Union County, North Carolina where his two sons, Hank Parker Jr and Billy Parker compete in NASCAR Busch Series races while his other two are Timothy and Ben are MMA fighters; additionally he has one stepsister named Amy.

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