Harmful signs of the zodiac and ways of communicating with them

The only generally recognized leader in harmfulness and intolerance among the 12 zodiac signs is Scorpio.

The rest of the harmful signs of the zodiac are considered conditionally harmful, since the level of discomfort they create strongly depends on compatibility and personal attitude towards a partner in each case.

Bad signs of the zodiac

Absolute mischief – Scorpio

Without a doubt, Scorpio is the most harmful sign of the zodiac. Although the element of the sign is water, men and women scorpions are simply pathological hot temper and are often aggressive. And sudden bursts of aggression alternate with periods of calm and composure.

The characteristic features of Scorpios are secrecy and vindictiveness, which does not have a statute of limitations: sooner or later, Scorpio will pay off in full for the offense inflicted. Each Scorpio is home to two people: one is calm and silent, and the second appears when the first is offended. … And this meeting is very unpleasant for offenders.

The most harmful sign of the zodiac does not have any leadership qualities – he is an ardent individualist, living by his own rules and achieving his own goals with the grace of a paver. Scorpio women and men according to the zodiac sign are harmful in communication, both with their own sign and with others.

While it can be tricky to get in touch with a Scorpio, here are some guidelines to help iron out the rough edges.

Harmful signs of the zodiac of a woman


  • in order to attract Scorpio – a notorious egoist to cooperation, it is necessary to interest him in the high complexity of the task;
  • the energy of the sign makes its carriers rather heavy when making almost any decisions – you cannot rush Scorpio, the reaction to pressure will be sharply negative;
  • When communicating with Scorpio, there is always a problem of trust – it is difficult to get it and at the slightest insincerity it is easy to lose it.

Without a doubt, the Scorpios rightfully own the palm in the “most harmful” category.

Libra – how difficult it is with them!

An air sign that has all the minuses of air. Impulsive and indecisive Libras constantly change their minds on almost any issue, deduce those around them with their uncertainty in obvious matters and a tendency to exaggerate insignificant details. Periods of vigorous activity inevitably give way to complete apathy.

Despite the harm and slight boringness, Libra is an active social sign, unable to exist outside of society, he lives by communication. All Libras have two lives: one is seen by those who surround them, the other they live alone. Libra loves to be the center of attention, and ignorance can provoke a lingering blues.

Male zodiac signs

Communication with Libra will be much easier if you take into account the features of the sign:

  • Libra’s attitude to any issue is directly related to the emotional state at a particular moment in time;
  • emotional instability and indecision can be corrected in the right direction by an external positive stimulus – emotional support for the Libra idea, enthusiastic recognition of merits, etc.
  • Libras are prone to criticism and controversy on any subject, in order to maintain good relations, such situations should be avoided.

With their indecision and tendency to go to the point of absurdity, analyzing all the pros and cons of any question, Libra is able to infuriate the saint. But at the same time, Libra is an excellent politician: as an example – the current President of the Russian Federation V. Putin and Madame Thatcher.

These enchanting Twins

Another air sign is light, fickle and often just crazy. At first glance, Gemini men and women are not considered harmful signs of the zodiac.
But, upon close contact, it turns out that in Gemini there is too much of everything easy and fun, and relying on them in any business is not only not worth it, but is simply fraught with danger.

Gemini – unsurpassed mass entertainers of life – are not capable of taking anything seriously or doing business for a long time.

Everything is determined only by personal interest – while the Gemini is interested, they are able to turn mountains. But it is very dangerous to make any long-term plans, as soon as the Gemini’s enthusiasm begins to decline, they will abandon everything without regret like a boring toy and easily move on.

If the Gemini decide to make someone happy, then nothing will save the person! Gemini is the soul of any company, recognized masters of lies with an innate talent for persuading, charming and charming. But frequent mood swings are the norm for Gemini. And the charming and charming will be replaced by the boring and grumpy or absent-mindedly indifferent.

Mischievous husbands by zodiac sign

For normal communication with Gemini, it is enough to adhere to two rules:

  • do not put pressure on the sense of duty and do not use the words “must”, “must”, “necessary” and others of the same meaning – Gemini will simply leave;
  • constantly maintain the interest of windy Gemini in themselves, business, family and other important points.

If a Gemini wife is a lottery, then a husband is a guaranteed nightmare in family life. But for a light resort romance without obligations, it is better to find no one with a Gemini man.

Knowing the zodiac sign of a person, one can assume with high confidence the presence of certain character traits. And when communicating with representatives of the three most harmful signs, such knowledge will help to avoid conflict situations and facilitate mutual understanding.

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