How does nail extension work – step by step technology

Every girl wants to be irresistible. Even little things like nails can play an important role to keep your look complete and stylish. Beautiful and well-groomed nails make a woman sexy and attractive. Only, unfortunately, nature has not rewarded everyone with such beauty.

How does nail extension work – practicing nail masters, on the instructions of the COLADY editorial staff, tell the step-by-step extension technology.

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Extension of nails is an ordinary procedure that will help to make your pens neat and your look complete. Before deciding on the procedure, read interesting reviews and watch useful video tutorials on nail extension.

Pros and cons of extended nails

How does nail extension take place - step-by-step technology from practicing masters
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Pros of nail extension

  • Beautiful and graceful manicure;
  • You do not need to paint your nails every day, because the varnish constantly peels off;
  • Extended nails protect natural ones from damage and harmful drugs;
  • Hiding defects of real nails;
  • Lack of discomfort and quick addiction to nails.

Cons of nail extension

  • Quite high cost of nail extension procedure;
  • When preparing the nail, mechanical devices will act on it, damaging it;
  • If you stumble upon an unscrupulous master, deformation of the nail may occur;
  • Allergies may develop to the components that make up the building materials;
  • If the extended nail breaks, it breaks in the middle of the nail plate, which is very painful and does not lead to anything good.
  • Extended nails require correction, so you will have to find time and money to visit the salon;
  • Natural nails become thinner after removing the extensions. You will have to spend a lot of effort to get natural nails in order.
  • Gel nails cannot be removed; they will have to be sawed off. Only a master can perform this procedure.

Gel and acrylic nail extension – comparison

Today there are 2 main materials for nail extension – acrylic and gel.

  • Acrylic Is a special powder that is mixed with a special liquid. The result is a thick and sticky substance that is applied to the nail. A professional will be able to competently build up acrylic nails, since the acrylic mixture quickly hardens in the air. But, with certain skills, acrylic nail extension can be done at home. After applying the mixture to the nail, it is trimmed, polished and coated. Acrylic nails are very durable, but if you still manage to break them, the master in the salon will easily restore the breakage.
    Acrylic nails easily removable: with the help of a special tool, the acrylic is dissolved and removed. The only drawback of acrylic nails is the specific smell of the material, which will accompany you for a while. But then the smell disappears.
  • Gel Is also a good material for nail extension. Thanks to the gel, the nails are not only durable, but also elastic. The gel allows the nails to breathe and allows moisture to pass through, which is good for the nails. Gel nails harden under the influence of ultraviolet rays, which will not allow the fungus to develop on the nail plate in the future. To make the nail stronger, the procedure is repeated several times. When the last layer of gel has hardened, the nail can be shaped and varnished. Gel nails can be grown in the salon by an experienced master, but gel nails can be easily done at home if you purchase everything you need for the procedure and study the instructions.
    The advantages of gel nails include durability (the service life can be up to 5 months). Among the minuses, the following can be distinguished: if the nail breaks, it will not be possible to restore it, you will have to make a new one. Getting rid of gel nails is also difficult. Cured gel can only be removed by a master by cutting

To be honest, gel and acrylic belong to the same group of “acrylates”, so it’s impossible to say for sure which is better. Each person chooses the most optimal extension option and follows it. At the moment, there is a special technology that allows you to combine acrylic and gel: first, acrylic is applied to the nail, which makes the nail stronger, then the gel is applied to make it shine.

Video: Gel nail extension

Video: Acrylic nail extension

All methods of nail extension – on tips, on paper forms, on top forms, on liquid tips

There are several types of nail extensions. Each species is different from each other, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Extension of nails on the tipsah

How does nail extension take place - step-by-step technology from practicing masters
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Nail tips are plastic plates that are attached at one end to the nail before the gel or acrylic is applied. After applying the material, the extended nails are varnished and a pattern is applied. The color and size of tips can be very diverse.

There are liquid tips (reusable forms with which an artificial nail is made. This technique does not use disposable forms or tips).

An important advantage of liquid tips is the lack of glue. Glue is the most toxic substance used to build up any nails. With the help of liquid tips you can:

  1. Create reusable forms, which significantly saves your budget;
  2. Create the perfect arched jacket;
  3. Create unique and complex designs;
  4. Possibility of creating a pedicure.

Properly selected tips can only use a small part of the nail, which protects your nails. After fixing the tips, the nails can be given any shape or length. It all depends only on the imagination and skill of the master.

2. Extension of nails on forms

How does nail extension take place - step-by-step technology from practicing masters
Colady illustration

Forms are disposable paper bases, the outer side of which is coated with a special compound, and the inner side is coated with an adhesive component. Discard paper forms after use. There are reusable molds made of metal. These forms are attached to the nail with a metal clip. For subsequent use, it is necessary to disinfect the metal mold.

How to care for extended nails

Many people think that after nail extension it is not necessary to take care of your nails. But this is not the case! Any material is not eternal and requires special care, especially since natural nails tend to grow. There is no way to do without the correction of extended nails.

To make your nails look beautiful and not break, it is important to follow some rules:

  1. Neither gel nor acrylic nails tolerate acetone. Therefore, choose a nail polish remover without acetone, use non-aggressive household chemicals;
  2. Do not use cutting pliers or scissors. The length of nails will help you to adjust the polisher and file for extended nails;
  3. Do not hit your nails on a hard surface, do not drop heavy objects on them and be careful;
  4. Take care of your cuticles. To prevent the formation of burrs and the cuticle is moistened, moisturize it with vegetable oils. If your cuticle is growing too fast, use a special tool to slow down its growth;
  5. Do not soak before manicure, use only softening oils. This will help prevent damage to your nails;
  6. If you dive into a cold pool after a hot bath, your nails can be damaged;
  7. When painting extended nails with varnish, use only high quality varnishes. Pay attention to the consistency and shelf life of the varnish;
  8. It is recommended to go for correction at least once every 3 weeks;
  9. Do not use hardware manicure services. It helps to weaken and brittle nails;
  10. Don’t try to glue the broken nail yourself;
  11. It is recommended to remove extended nails only in salons;
  12. Do not cover extended nails with a thick coat of nail polish.

These are the basic rules for caring for extended nails, following which, you will preserve their beauty and durability.

Commentary by a practicing nail master


Dear women!

Extended nails have many benefits. If your natural plates are brittle and soft, and we dream of long and strong nails, then this technology will definitely suit you! With the help of extensions, you can get the manicure of your dreams: choose any nail shape, length, and design. Moreover, with a regular file you can remove the top coat of varnish and update the design.

Extended nails do not require painstaking care. After polymerization (solidification of the material in the lamp), you can do whatever you want – wash, clean, etc., the main thing is not to break your nails. If they are long, be careful.

Extension of nails is fast, convenient and very practical.

The main thing is not to forget to make corrections in a timely manner!

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