How to bring passion back into a relationship? 15 effective ways

Remembering the beginning of your relationship, are you surprised? Bright dates, hot kisses, languid glances, passionate nights constantly agitated your blood. Now everything is completely different and now, when you come home from work, you do not at all strive to fall into the arms of your other half? Are you worried that love is over, or are you worried that you made the wrong choice in the first place? Are you thinking about what to do next and how people act in such situations?

In fact, nothing terrible happens. If at the beginning of a relationship passion is the main connecting link – so far the partners do not have too much in common. If they fit together, then gradually the relationship goes to a qualitatively new level. You gain not only a hot lover, but also a reliable friend and support. It goes without saying that passion gradually passes if you do not carry out preventive measures to preserve it. To relieve you of the feeling that something is wrong, the novelty in the relationship will help. How do you add it? You are welcome to find out in our article.

How to bring passion back into a relationship - 15 effective ways

15 ways to regain your former passion

  1. Take care of yourself. This method must be applied, first of all, since it is no secret that most people, having started living together and getting used to it, stop taking care of themselves as they did before. It is becoming the norm not to put on makeup, or to walk around the house in a baggy robe. Forget about it! Throw away such “inventory” and go to the store for beautiful, sexy and practical home suits. And also leave the cosmetic bag in the bathroom and in the morning, after washing your face, apply light makeup, even if you are not going to leave the house. This will arouse the interest of the other half in your person. And don’t forget to grab some sexy negligees and sexy lingerie sets. See also: How to become mysterious and desirable for your beloved man?
  2. In a healthy body healthy mind! Go in for sports and try to involve your other half in it. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day can increase libido and help keep your body healthy.
  3. Interior. According to psychologists – if you want to reduce your sex life to nothing – decorate the bedroom in gray tones. The same goes for bright lighting, unnecessary details – remove everything you do not need in other rooms – the decor of the bedroom should be conducive to intimate life, and not prevent it. Buy nice and cuddly bedding, such as silk or satin.
  4. Romantic dinner. Prepare dishes from aphrodisiac products, decorate intimate lighting (place candles around the room). Try to avoid overeating at dinner, keeping in mind the purpose of your mission – dinner should smoothly transition into a passionate night. Be sure to wear something sexy.
  5. Get distracted. Rent a nice room in a country hotel and invite your beloved there – a new comfortable environment will add a thrill to the sensations. It will be even better if you give such a date an element of role-playing – imagine yourself as secret lovers. Get to the place separately.
  6. Seductive “buffet”. You can offer your beloved an unusual “table” – cream, honey and pieces of fruit that will need to be overcome in order to achieve intimacy with you, will tune him in the right way (if you understand what we mean).
  7. Each has its own role. Have you always thought RPG was funny / ridiculous / vulgar? And in vain! This is actually a great way to add spice and flare up your bodies. Having tried the role-playing game once, you will probably want to continue and you will look for new images and pick up the environment.
  8. Nature. It is a very good idea to go for a picnic in a picturesque, secluded place. Soak up the outdoors, have sex – fresh air will help.
  9. Cleanliness is the key to health! Join your husband as he takes a shower – powerful jets of water will set both in the right mood. Sex in the shower will give you amazing sensations!
  10. Touch the inner core. When going to a party, neglect the need to wear underwear, and on the way, inform your passion about it. You will see – the consciousness of your husband will be clouded by your image – he will mentally begin to undress you.
  11. The room is not for the faint of heart. This point follows from the above – while visiting, use the clouded mind of a loved one – have sex, retiring, for example, in the bathroom. The adrenaline rush will provide you with an amazing orgasm.
  12. Jealousy. Make a date with your loved one by inviting him to a restaurant. Prepare carefully for the event – hair, dress, accessories should be as sexy as possible and at the same time should not contain a hint of vulgarity. Other men should pay attention to you – this will awaken the spirit of competition in your significant other, which will have a beneficial effect on your relationship. Do not go too far with jealousy – this can lead to disastrous consequences. And then you have to look for ways to combat male jealousy.
  13. Who gets up early. A very positive effect is … morning sex! It energizes all day long and brings partners together incredibly. Seduce your loved one right before going to work – you won’t regret it!
  14. Automobile. Going on a long trip in your own car, stop for a snack, and instead have sex in the car.
  15. Through the store. To help diversify or revitalize sexual relations, a visit to a sex shop will help – buy several erotic toys, various exciting lubricants and actively use them during lovemaking.

In conclusion, I would like to note that communication is a key aspect of a healthy family life. Do not forget to be interested in the affairs and problems of your loved one, share your experiences. Learn to feel each other and you will experience only positive emotions from family life !!!

If you have something to add on this topic or you want to share your ideas with us, leave your comments. We need to know your opinion!

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