How to enroll a child in circles and sports sections through the State Services portal online – step-by-step instructions

Enrolling a child in a circle or section on the State Services Portal - step-by-step instructionsWhich circle to send your child to? How to choose a section? And most importantly – how to find the time to find all these circles closest to the house and enroll your child in the right ones? Now everything is simple! Thanks to the “Gosuslugi” website, you can find a circle without leaving your home, and enroll your child in it. And on (note – State services for Muscovites) the choice is even wider and includes preferential and free sections and circles.

How to do it – read the instructions below!

The content of the article:

  1. Terms of service and terms
  2. Who can enroll a child in a circle or section?
  3. List of documents and information
  4. Registration on the State Services Portal
  5. How to choose a circle and enroll a child – instructions
  6. Recording refused – what to do next?

Terms of service and terms – how long to wait, and do I have to pay?

The portal, unique in its essence, called “Gosuslugi” was created to make life easier for the residents of the country and reduce the burden on many institutions whose tasks include issuing and receiving documents, registering citizens, issuing certificates, and so on.

It makes no sense to list the services of the portal (you can get acquainted with them on the website), but it is important to note that from time to time new services appear on the website that allow us to preserve our nerve cells.

These include the ability to enroll your child in a particular circle / section right on the portal.

How to choose a sports section for a child to avoid mistakes and scams?

Important points to know about this service:

  • This service is absolutely FREE.
  • The terms for the provision of the service are determined in the process of directly registering this service. As a rule, the period during which you receive a notification response can range from 6 days to 15 (no later than).
  • The notification comes to the e-mail indicated on the portal, via SMS notification or to the internal mail of the site in your personal account.
  • The sooner you enroll the child, the better. Remember that free places in a circle / section tend to run out even when registering online.

Do not be upset if in your region the possibility of online enrollment of children in circles has not yet appeared: the portal is constantly developing, and such an opportunity will soon be sure to be in every region.

Who can enroll a child in a circle or section – does the child have the right to enroll?

The right to apply to the state portal for such a service has …

  1. The children themselves, if they have already turned 14 years old – directly through your own account on Public Services.
  2. Only legal representatives of the child – the child’s parents or legal guardians.


  • Any Russian child who has turned 14 years old has the right to register on the portal. Of course, it will be possible to issue an account only in a simplified version, but the basic services will be available through the parents’ profiles.
  • A child who has already turned 18 years old can enroll in a circle only personally, on his own behalf and through his account.

How to get a student’s social card for a child – the benefits of social cards, obtaining and using

What you need to know and prepare before registering a child in a circle, a section on the State Services Portal – documents and information

Among the many offers on the site, you will definitely find the right option for your child: sports and music, art, and so on. Using the advanced search – and with the location option – makes it even easier to select a circle.

Before you enroll your child in one of the circles selected through the portal, you should carefully read the conditions offered by the section leaders.

Naturally, if a child is 4 or 5 years old, and they only take it from 6 years old, then you will have to find another option.

As for the documents, in order to enroll a child in an online circle, you will need the following data:

  1. Information about the legal representative.
  2. Series / number of the passport or child’s birth certificate, the name of the issuing authority and the date of issue.
  3. Medical reports (extract from the clinic), if required by the rules of the section. You do not need a certificate to submit an application, but in the process of considering an application, the leaders of the circles, as a rule, require this certificate.

Registration on the portal of state services

Registration on the State Services Portal

On the state portal, registration is available to any Muscovite over the age of 14, provided they have a mobile phone and their own e-mail.

The registration scheme is simple, even for children:

  1. We fill out a special online form, not forgetting to indicate all the necessary data (mail, phone, full name). Important: indicate the e-mail that you constantly use, because it is to it that all notifications will come. Registration on the Portal of Public ServicesRegistration on the Portal of Public Services
  2. We carefully check all the entered data – gender, date of birth, full name. Remember that the data will be further checked against the FIU database, and changing personal data, if you write them incorrectly, will take time.
  3. Next, we indicate the data of SNILS, thereby expanding the range of services that we can use. And we are waiting for the FIU to check the data. This usually takes 5-10 minutes. If more time has passed, and SNILS has not been verified, then try again later. Registration on the Portal of Public Services
  4. Now you need to go through full registration, having received confirmation of this in any convenient place from the proposed list (MFC, mail, etc.). Don’t forget your passport! Registration on the Portal of Public Services
  5. After confirming the identity and the fact of registration you can personally use the whole range of portal services.


  • All information about yourself can be omitted on the portal, but in this case you lose the opportunity to receive up-to-date notifications (for example, about debts, penalties, taxes, etc.), and, in addition, you will be forced to enter all these data every time you receive that or other service. If you enter all the data at once, then all the information will be indicated automatically, and you will save a lot of time. Registration on the Portal of Public Services
  • All the data you leave on the site is not transferred either for mailings or to third parties – the information is used strictly for the purpose of providing state / services.

How to choose a club or sports section on the Portal and enroll a child – step by step instructions

It is enough to apply the instructions for online enrollment of a child in a circle once in order to remember how to do this for the future.

If you are on the portal for the first time, then your steps to receive this service should be as follows:

  1. If your registration and confirmation of identity were successful, then go to the portal in the section with the name “Family, children” or click on the button “Education, study”. Enrolling a child in a circle or section on the State Services Portal - step 1Enrolling a child in a circle or section on the State Services Portal - step 2
  2. We are looking for a section with a button “Enroll a child in circles, creative studios, sports sections.” Enrolling a child in a circle or section on the State Services Portal - step 2
  3. In the search form, enter the gender of the child, his age, your area of ​​residence, the required time of classes, information about payment (note – you need a preferential circle, budget or paid), the level of the program. Enrolling a child in a circle or section on the State Services Portal - step 3We select the desired direction for the search from the classifier. For example, “Physical culture”. Or “Music”. There is also an additional menu where you can find activities for children with disabilities.
  4. You will see the resulting search results in the form of a list and directly on the map. For circles in which children are recruited in real time, there are green marks “Reception in progress”. You can safely send an application to such circles. Enrolling a child in a circle or section on the State Services Portal - step 4If there is no set in the circle you want, then there is an opportunity to subscribe to receive notifications about the future start of admission. You will get this opportunity by clicking the “Notify about opening a record” button. As soon as the reception begins, you will have to e-mail a corresponding letter (approx. – to the mail that you indicated during registration).
  5. Now you can select the date of the introductory classes, if any, and the start date of the classes in the circle / section. Enrolling a child in a circle or section on the State Services Portal - step 5By clicking the “Next” button, you reserve the time to record for this service. You now have 15 minutes to complete the rest of the online form.
  6. The next step is to enter information about the applicant, about your child, and about the institution where your child is studying. Enrolling a child in a circle or section on the State Services Portal - step 6After entering the data about the child from his birth certificate (approx. – or passport), the information specified by you is automatically verified with the conditions offered by the selected circle. That is, checking for compliance with the gender and age of the service provided.
  7. Now all that remains is to confirm your choice of the mug and the specified information, press the “Send” button and wait for a response. You can find out about the status of the application, about all changes regarding it in the personal account of the portal. Enrolling a child in a circle or section on the State Services Portal - step 7In addition, information will be sent to you by mail.

They refused to enroll a child in a circle or section – the main reasons for the refusal and what to do next

Unfortunately, online registration for the selected circle may be refused.

Such cases are also not uncommon, but the reasons for refusal are usually the same:

  • All “vacant” places have already been taken: the enrollment of children is closed.
  • Lack of the required documents that you were asked to provide.
  • The past deadlines for the submission of documents, which are established by this or that organization.
  • The child has not reached the required age.
  • The request for the service did not contain data for feedback (note – the applicant did not indicate mail or other data for communication).
  • The child has medical contraindications for visiting such a circle / section.

If you have received a refusal to receive the desired service and you believe that the refusal is unfair, you have the right to appeal it by filing an application with the appropriate Authority.

The website thanks you for your attention to the article – we hope it was useful to you. Please share your feedback and advice with our readers!

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